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New Ice Locator advice???

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by goggleye57, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. My old Fl-8 may have bit the dust on the Cain Lake on Sylvan Sunday evening- the insulation looks to have broken down on the hot and ground wire and it grounded out and heated up. Doesn't work (I'm going to send in and see if it can be fixed but might be a good time for a new one. What are your guys recommendations on a new ice fishing fish locator?
  2. This thread offers a nice summary of most current models. The only ones they left out were the Lowrance X67C and M68C Ice Machines. I was leaning towards getting a X67C, but then I found a good deal on a Marcum LX-3tc. Unfortunately, I haven't been out to use it yet, but I plan on going out this weekend. PM me if you want to meet up and we can both find out how my Marcum works!

  3. My suggestion is to follow 410 or JL around the lake. You cant buy a better locator than that!
  4. This is all personal opinion, but you asked. I fished with a buddy on Sunday who has an X67. He couldn't get within fifty yards of my LX3 without getting a TON of interference....and the bad part about it (for him) is that the X67 doesn't have any interference rejection. He was basically screwed. The LX3 has six interference rejection settings, so you can always find one that will totally eliminate the interference that comes from other units. I've fished with the FL-8, the FL-18, and the Marcum LX3, and the Marcum totally blows the Vex's out of the water. Just glance at the specs, and you'll notice that the Vexilars have 400 watts of peak-to-peak power, while the LX3 has 1500, and the LX5 has 2000. If it were me, and I was going to purchase a new flasher (which I'm not because I'm completely happy with mine) I'd go with the Marcum LX5. A VERY impressive unit.
  5. JL
    How do you use locator on top of the ice or in a hole? I'm 40 miles south we dont get the good ice much. I'd like to learn
  6. Terry, you put the transducer right into the hole you are fishing. Many of the locators are sensitive enough that the fisherman can tell if he's still got any bait left on his hook. It's pretty neat. Tmarsh was asking me some questions about the locator I have the other day. I'll take some pictures of it in action tomorrow and post 'em up if that might help...
  7. Yeah, the LX-5 is hands down the best flasher out there, but it is also quite pricey at $400+. I picked up my LX-3 here... best price I could find. Their checkout system was a little akward, but I got my unit in about 1 week. Although it is reconditioned, it was $100 cheaper than buying brand new and has a 1 year warranty.

    I have heard mixed reviews about interference rejection problems with the Ice Machine's. Read this thread. It sounds like they do have interference rejection, but most people don't realize it. Have your buddy try that and see if it helps any.
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  8. Give this a read: How to Ice Fish with a Flasher

    Initially some people find the display a little confusing, but it's very straight forward once you get the hang of it.
  9. I'm not sure if it'll my thinking, noise and interference from another locator are different things, but I may be wrong. I'll definitely have him try it though.
  10. Great info guys- I will definitely give the Marcums a close look!
  11. fl 20 or fl 12 vexlar you have the best stay with it (JMO) I will be getting fl 20 as soon as i can talk the:bowdown: wife :bowdown: in to me needing it so bad.:coco: :biggrin: lol
  12. Good read Brandon!
  13. i have the fl 18 , vexlar you have the best stay with it.
  14. I have a New FL-18 Pro Pack Vexlar that I would trade for a Aqua-View Scout Camera:fish: . I have two and only need ONE The Vexlar Price is around $400.00 and the Aqua View that I am talking about runs around $269 to $369. DEAL OR NO DEAL:bash: :coco:
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