New Indiana Quail Forever Chapter

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  1. A new Quail Forever Chapter just formed in the Jackson/Jennings/Bartholomew Counties area.

    The next meeting is May 9th at 7pm at the Jennings County Library next to the JayC store.

    Anyone interested in helping Central and Southern Indiana wildlife habitat would to see you there.
  2. what is the status of quail in this state? we used to have them on our farm long ago. i havent seen any in i dont know how long. 80s maybe? can you buy them to release?

  3. Thanks for the notice. I missed the meeting but will see what I can find after doing some interwebs digging. I don't live in those counties, but do live close enough. Quail numbers are in the toilet as "clean" farming practices and habitat destruction seem to be taking their toll. The brushy fence rows and the like are essentially a thing of the past in row crop country from what I have seen. I saw a hen with her chicks last year on my place, but they are few and far between. I am not sure what else I can do with my deer habitat and the like, but I like the concept of providing a diverse habitat for as many critters as I can. Quail was part of the reason why I planted switchgrass and some other NWSG. I have never shot or even hunted quail....I just like seeing them as a sign of a healthy habitat and hearing them whistle.
  4. Next meeting is May 30th 7pm same location as listed above. Would like to see a big organization developed to help habitat in Southern and Central Indiana. They are just getting started with this. Hopefully sportsman of all kind will be interested as the habitat helps all kinds of wildlife not just quail. So pass the word on to family and friends. The only way we are going to improve things is to have a strong organization. Maybe we can make a difference.