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New Indiana Record - Number 7...???

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by hunter47331, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. In muzzleloader season, while checking in a deer at Frame's just south of Liberty, IN, I saw a rack off of a buck that was "probably going to be the seventh largest whitetail ever taken in Indiana". The taxidermist behind Frame's was the one with the rack and the story (not sure of his name). It was supposedly killed across State Road 101 from Mounds State Park by a guy from Hamilton, OH on his lease land. Story goes that he and his hunting partners had never seen this deer before. Then in gun season.... BAM. Anyone else heard of this deer, or know where there are some pictures or facts about it...??? I must say that the rack was impressive. I would like to see it again, as I have found some sheds in the area off of possible offspring. Several people have also asked me about it. Just curious.
  2. Bucks like that get killed in Indiana and not put in the record book more every year. People protecting their hot-areas. Can't say that I blame them.

  3. i live in northern dearborn,never heard of that one
  4. i live near mounds state park and first of all never heard of highway 101 in or near here and there are alot of homes in the area i'm not sure this deer was taken around Anderson
    there aren't any deer around here anyhoo
  5. I used the wrong terminology. I meant to say Mounds State Recreation Area, not state park. I didn't realize there were both. Mounds SRA is on the east side of Brookville Resevoir toward the south end.

    Speaking of sheds though... a buddy of mine found a 4 point LH shed antler from and estimated 140 or 150" deer on state property yesterday. WOW is all I can say. He couldn't find the RH one, but doubled the LH score and gave it an 18" spread. Very massive deer...
  6. The gentleman that scored my deer.. told me that the largest deer that he's ever scored was taken last season over near Brookville. So it was scored.
    Don't know about it being the "7th largest"... but he said it was very nice non typical... scored a lil over 200".. don't remember the exact score off hand. I believe that it was going to be entered in the books... but I'm not sure about that one... I can check w/ the scorer if you'd like?
  7. The buck you are referring to scored right at 215" Non-Typical. It was indeed shot by an Ohio hunter near Brookeville in Franklin County. I don't have the official score sheet with me, but will post it when I get a chance.
  8. KBacon... I am definitely interested.

    I mentioned to a couple of buddies this weekend that I was surprised the information from this forum was limited, especialy with an outdoor writer and some rack scorers as members. I figured news like this would be widespread. One of them told me that someone is currently writing an article about this deer. I guess there are pictures at the taxidermists (behind Frames). I have not yet been over to check them out.

    I remember the thing looked like a giant... of course most deer do compared to mine. It had much more length than mass though. Mass did not look representative of a "7th largest" animal.
  9. Hamilton, Ohio resident, Johnny Thacker, killed this 21 pointer on opening day of gun season on the east side of Brookeville Res. The 6X5 typical frame grossed 190 5/8" and netted 183 0/8". The ten abnormal points added 32 0/8" to the final net non-typical score of 215 0/8". The buck was scored for Boone and Crockett and HRBP by Tony Wright of New Castle. I am unsure where this buck ranks in the shotgun non-typical category. I'll figure this out and post later on.
  10. In the top 50 for sure....maybe top 25!!!!!!
  11. That's a monster!!!!!!! It just might be in the top 25!!!!!!!
  12. Here is a list of the top Non Typical bucks from Indiana by shotgun (muzzleloader, pistol, archery, and/or found bucks not included). This will give you a better idea of where the new buck ranks.

    No. 1 Zolton Dobsa 254 1/8" Switzerland Co. 1977
    No. 2* Timothy Goode 248 4/8" Hendricks Co. 1980 *(Tie)
    No. 2 Shawn Sears 248 4/8" Fulton Co. 1990
    No. 3 Jack Keihn 234 2/8" Decatur Co. 2005
    No. 4 James Huston 233 7/8" Carroll Co. 1995
    No. 5 Henry Mitchell 232 7/8" Switzerland Co. 1972
    No. 6 Bob Johannsen 231 5/8" Porter Co. 2002
    No. 7 Richard Hubert 228 6/8" Perry Co. 2002
    No. 8 David Grundy 222 4/8" LaPorte Co. 1987
    No. 9 David Brassuer 220 3/8" Martin Co. 2004
    No. 10 J. Scott Biggs 219 1/8" Porter Co. 2000
    No. 11 Daniel Boyles Sr. 217 7/8" Carroll Co. 1974
    No. 12* Jason Young 216 7/8" Howard Co. 1995 *(Tie)
    No. 12 Sam Leverett Jr. 216 7/8" Jefferson Co. 1997
    No. 13 Johnny Thacker 215 0/8" Franklin Co. 2006

    These entries are taken from the latest edition (2004-2006)of the Hoosier Record Buck Program record book "Recollecting Nature's Miracles". This listing is correct to the best of my knowledge. The entries in red denote new bucks that haven't been printed into the newest edition. However, all three of these bucks have been officially meausured and entered into the program's records.

  13. Why STOP at number 13..??????????????????/:banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3
  14. ARe you interested in another buck Brew?
  15. Hell yes...need a pic. to help your research????????:bouncy: