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new information morgan co. buck

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by DERBYDEER03, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. hello all !!!! new user.... looking for info on morgan co buck????

    any fresh news on score???? ect
  2. Welcome to the site. Unfortunately, I am here for the fishing. :)

    No news from my end.


  3. no new news newbie, not now anyway
  4. Newbie!!!!

    Thanx ..... Alot To Read///// Love Big Deer Stories!!!!!!!!!!!111
  5. The Fort Wayne Gazette paper had a piece about the Morgan Buck and a picture of the buck it says the in the picture is John ferguson shows off the big buck shot by his son (Brian Ferguson). It is on the Boone & Crockett Club watch list. the article also say that a man name Bogucki said he was told it had a preliminary score of 220 and even with deducions for minor deformities it could have topped 200 and been a state record. Bogucke said, they were told Ferguson traded the antlers for an all terrain vehicle and a pickup truck.
  6. Welcome to the site DerbyDeer03. Where "near Patoka Lake" are you? I'm pretty near myself.
  7. won't hunt

    This old dog won't hunt anymore. Good luck.
  8. Derby,

    Is the "Dairy Barn" still open?
  9. Traded the rack for an ATV and a truck? Hadnt heard that one but it would not be a surprise. Last i read on this board nobody could get any info becuase the family had changed there phone number.
  10. I heard the same ATV/Truck story from other "sources" than this site.
  11. NO WAY would i trade for anything.They must not be antler worshiper. DAMM that would be the TEMPLE at my house
  12. Dean, why haven't you made these people take the Oath???
    This is not the way to pay respect to the antlers.

    We now keep a candle lit near our stuffed jackalope.
  13. if we find out where the rack is we can go there for a worship service.
  14. Worship your racks!!!

    Bow down and repeat after me everyone....

    I am a man,
    but I love giant whitetail antlers,
    And I think I can change,
    but I doubt it.

    And, I love beer.... oops wrong subject!!!!!