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New Kayak Fishing shop opening in Indy

Discussion in 'Kayaking and Kayak Fishing' started by Yakbros, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. What's up fellas? My name is Josh Chrenko, and my brother and I will be opening up a shop dedicated to kayak fishing in Greenwood next March called YakBros. My brother and I both grew up in the area and have been avid outdoorsmen our whole life. I got into kayak fishing a few years ago and fell head over heels in love. To make a long story short, I am leaving my job of 10 years to start this company, and am going to be putting my heart and soul into this business. We feel that with the advancements of kayak manufacturing these last few years, it will start to attract more and more outdoorsmen to the sport, and we want to be the destination for all Indiana fishing enthusiasts. As of right now, we will be carrying a full line of Wilderness systems kayaks as well as a newer brand called Feelfree. We are currently looking at others, but we feel these 2 brands are the best in the industry, and cover a wide range of kayak fishing needs. In addition to kayak and kayak outfitting accessories, we will also carry bass fishing equipment, lures, etc. and will focus on supporting local manufacturers as much as possible.

    Something that I am really excited about is that in our efforts to grow the sport of kayak fishing, we will be organizing and sponsoring a kayak fishing tournament series next spring as well. All of the details aren't quite there yet, but I will keep everyone updated as planning progresses. Please let me know if you have interest and provide me your email. I will keep a contact list together so that you will be the first to know when and where the tournaments will be. Something unique we are planning on doing is offering to let anglers that either don't have a kayak currently, or are looking to upgrade, the opportunity to demo our fully outfitted kayaks during the tournament. We will also be doing some things throughout the community to get the word out about our shop and the sport in general. Well...this post is already too long, but I will leave you guys with a couple videos that will hopefully get you excited. Please go and like our facebook page when you get the chance (, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or such. My phone number is 317.514.0861 and my email is


  2. This is great! I'm from greenwood but live in Franklin. Huuuuge kayak enthusiast and very excited for you
    Guys! I'm actually leaving for a 30 day trip in a week...all for charity. Here u go. My phone number is 3176959872.[​IMG]

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  3. Where at in Greenwood will your shop be located? This is the best news I have read in awhile. I grew up in the Greenwood area, and have lived the past 9 years down in Tennessee. I got into Kayak fishing down there a couple years ago, and am a proud owner of (2) Feelfree Lure 11.5's; I have the Lime Camo, and my wife has the Winter Camo, although she doesn't fish. We got such a great deal on them, so we bought 2. It's great to know there will be a shop that carries Feelfree kayaks. Please add my name & email to the list to notify about future. I personally know Chad Hoover, from Hendersonville, TN who used to be owner of Hook1 Outfitters down in Hendersonville, TN, and he is the Host of Kayak Bassin TV on WFN station. If you need any advice on kayak sales, and setting up tournaments, Chad would be a great one to talk to. I can get you his contact info if you need it. He's a great guy, and super knowledgeable. Thanks for bring Yakbros to Greenwood. I look forward to it opening.
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