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new lake checklist

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by FINS&GRINS, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. ok guys thought it was time to get to some different postings so if your going to a lake you have never fished what are the first things you look for and what kind of areas do you start fishing and why , its fall ,water in the 50s and dropping, lets see if we can get some usefull info. from this for the upcoming fishing season!!!!!!!
  2. Topo map...start looking for breaklines with weeds...maybe near inlets.

    On 2nd thought...just follow James, that guy knows where the fish are.

  3. Well to start try to find a topo map, then I would start in the weed beds with jigs, rubber worms and lizards. My colors are watermelon, fire/ice and june bug worms and lizards, black jigs with blue trailer.
  4. Topo map and a general tour aroung the lake will give you some insight as to water temps, structure, plant life, drop offs etc. I would start off with a spinnerbait to cover as much water as possible depending on weather or not shad are in the lake would dictate color of bait and blades. If yes white if not than a bluegill color you pick. Fish weed edges, if any. Points are another excellent point no pun intended. Any structure docks, piers, seawalls etc. I would use the spinnerbait as a locator and then slow down with plastics. Carolina rig a black 7 in worm or a jigand pig or even a tube. Chatterbaits have become a favorite of mine this year. A new look lure that you can fish like a spinnerbait a jig or even a crankbait. Best of luck and I hope I have helped some. There are alot of great fishermen/women on this site and I'm sure we will all have a slightly different opinion but if you take a little from everyone you should do O.K. Let us know how you did.