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New Lake of the Week?

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by goggleye57, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. any one froze enough to get on & fish freeze is on!!!!!

  2. i am going in the morning . not sure what lake ? any one hear anything or want to go ?
  3. My buddies and I went yesterday. We did ok caught about 11. Two gills nine craps. Should be better tomorrow with the warmer weather.
  4. is suspect after this weekend we will be fishing anywhere we want
  5. 7 am to 11 am buddy and i had close to 50 the lake shall remain nameless
  6. O.... I see how ur gonna be......;)
  7. any lake for the new year weekend???
  8. With the weather we are having, the only ice I'll find will be in the door of the fridge.
  9. went to high lake 12" of ice 8" snow :yikes: fished for 6 hrs. run 3 ,18 volt battery's down and got two keeper gills :banghead3 ! I will be going to a different lake next time .
  10. big turkey

    I am gonna hit big turkey tomorrow 1/31/09 try for some perch and try to find some eyes anybody wanna meet up? :fish: