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new meeting info for hunting reg. changes in IN.

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by seanamy, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. DNR rule change public hearing

    The Indiana Department of Natural Resources will hold a public hearing to receive comments on several proposed administrative rule changes.

    Proposed rule changes include allowing rifles loaded with pistol cartridges during the deer firearms season, exempting hunters younger than 16 years old from Harvest Information Program (HIP) registration before hunting migratory birds during the youth free hunting season, and adding the cerulean warbler to the state's endangered species list.

    The hearing will be held Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. (EST) at the Garrison Conference Center at Ft. Harrison State Park in Indianapolis.

    The proposed deer firearm season rule change language reads:
    - The rifle cartridge must:
    (A) have a bullet of three hundred fifty-seven thousandths of an inch (.357) diameter or larger;
    (B) have a minimum case length of one and sixteen hundredths (1.16) inches; and
    (C) have a maximum case length of one and six hundred twenty-five thousandths (1.625) inches.

    This proposed deer hunting rule change language would continue the DNR's long-time position of allowing only short-to-medium range equipment for taking deer. The DNR has often received requests from the public for a rule change allowing some rifles during deer firearm season.

    The Natural Resources Commission preliminarily adopted these rule changes, along with several others, in July 2006. The preliminarily adopted rules are available online at:

    Click on "2006 Additional Wildlife Administrative Rule Changes".

    Public comments can be submitted by e-mail, written letter, or at the public hearing.

    Written comments can be sent to:
    Hearing Officer
    Natural Resources Commission
    402 W. Washington Street, W272
    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Comments can also be e-mailed to:

    Written comments must be received no later than February 15.

    A copy of the public hearing report will be available at prior to final consideration by the Natural Resources Commission. The NRC will likely consider these rule changes for final adoption in March. If approved by the NRC, attorney general and governor, the changes will become effective this summer.

    The Garrison Conference Center is in Ft. Harrison State Park on the east side of Indianapolis, near the intersection of Post Road and 59th St. Find a map at:

    Individuals who need reasonable modifications for effective participation in public meetings should call the DNR ADA coordinator at (317) 232-4200 (voice and TDD).

    Media Contact
    Linnea Petercheff
  2. Great, I'll be at the meeting and put my positive vote in!

  3. I agree with the part where it adds the Cerulean Warbler to the endangered species list...but that's the only thing I agreed with.
  4. I do not agree on changing the law where we can use rifles for deer. LEAVE THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE. The next thing you know they will open a deer season for rifles and charge for that. At least give the deer a chance, rifles are dangerous in Indiana. Stop with all these crazy rules.
  5. I believe it would be dangerous. Most people I have brought this up too wants to use a rifle to be able to drop a deer over 200 yards. Patience is the key factor and plan a hunt. I can see the use in some states where the plains are wide open with hills and valleys. There I think it would be hard to get close to a bruiser buck. Here in Indiana is a different ball game were one can get within feet of a deer all the way to high yardage. I think if rifles are allow hunting as a sport would be to easy.
  6. This isn't going to allow long range rifles. it will allow .357, .41, .45 Pistol cartiridges I wouldn't shoot any of those over 100 yaRDS at an animal. I think they would bve fun to hunt it too.
  7. I was getting the impression of rifles as 270 or 300 win mag. I guess that isn't all that bad. I just don't want to see the laws change to make the hunters pursuit of game any easier and lazier.
  8. Unfourtuntly, as is usually the case, these rules are not for responsible individuals, it is for the idiots. The more I have thought about this, the more anti rifle I am. Indiana is by no means, open country. Every field has a fencerow, borders a woodlot, or some other means of cover. Any reasonable hunter is able to position themselves to afford a shot of less than 100 yards without any problem. So why then would you need a 250+ yard gun?

    Reasonable hunters would never take an irresponsible shot with a bow, shotgun, or muzzleloader, or rifle for that matter. However, the vast majority are neither responsible or respectful.

    No reason for this, none...
  9. I agree Tmarsh, I'm dead against it. Now if they allow this, are they going to do the right thing and have firearm season after the rut or better yet, in December?
  10. i hunt with a muzzleloader during all of firearms season,and my ml will out shoot these rounds mentioned so i dont see how they could be more dangerous.
  11. the sad fact of the matter is once they get rifles in the door no matter what cartridge they will keep pressing for 30/06, 300 mag. 270. they won't stop till it's all legal. just like bill said you'll be paying for another weapons tag. it won't be free. how many times on here have people talked about idiots in the woods shooting 5 round spurts? shooting reclessly at running deer. opening day will be a war zone and god forbid your on public land. i've seen it 1st hand in ky. orange vest everywhere blasting simi auto's, pumps. a lot of weekend hunters that never hunt past opening weekwend will be shooting at the 1st thing they see. especially the pot smokers and drunks that's been partying in deer camp all night. i've already heard one story like that this year. i don't think it will be safe because your the only one on a 100 acre tract either when they eventually get........and they will get high powered rounds in the door and they will. your talking 150 to 200 yards ballisticly compared to 1/4 of a mile. a friend of mines brother was shot thru the chest at by a 30/06 a few yrs ago and the guy was drunk as a skunk. it sucked his lungs right out the back of his chest and left a whole big enough to stick your foot in. he was wearing an orange vest and hat walking back to his truck through a honey suckle thicket. go ahead and legalize them but don't stand and scratch your head when you see hunting tradgeties go on the rise. yea they'll start out with pistol cartridges but it won't stop there. it makes no sense to me to change from shotgun to muzzel loader during firearms season. everybody has an opinion and that's mine.
  12. you wont pay for the tag unless you hunt with the rifle will you?and as far as accidents go i would say you are more likely to die in a car wreck then getting shot,but i bet you still drive a vehicle.

  13. 1 shot only get one shot...
  14. It's not me behind the wheel I'm worried's the other idiots.
  15. well cat that's true for sure lol.