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New member, Hello

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Nick Weber, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Just saying hello,

    Im a new member and still trying to figure out the site. Im from Valparaiso, IN.
    I enjoy everything about hunting and have been fortunate to hunt and live in some great hunting areas. I found this site due to looking for an Indiana "swap a hunt" web site. If any one is interested in fishing on Lake Michigan (28ft Lund) for deer/turkey hunting in northwest IN area please let me know.
    Other than that I look forward to scanning this site and meeting new fellow outdoorsman.
    Nick Weber
  2. Welcome to the forum, Nick.

  3. Welcome - Don't be afraid to join right in! :)
  4. Hello Nick!!

    Be aware of the self proclaimed great one: Dean Weimer!:coco:
  5. Welcome Nick, stop my the Indiana chat in the evening. jump in anytime
  6. Welcome.....

    Hi Nick, Welcome...Stay away from Josh, Treehugger, Scott Werstler, 410, Quaildancer, HuntinIn, Hoyt Rocks,Pigeonflier, Old Rookie, James' Lyin'...and oh yes, Josh. These guys are Just...Not...Right!!!!!

    Stick with us PROS!!!!!!!!!!!:cheeky-sm
  7. Your list keeps getting longer, Deano.
  8. :Welcome: :woohoo1: to the forum happy posting:fish: :fish2:
  9. Glad u joined us. welcome:bonk: :banghead3
  10. Watch out!!!

    Always good to have new hunters join the site. Welcome to the site! more thing you should know. Dean Weimer is actually a confused phychotic woman living in a boy's body :coco: . Treehugger is pretty cool and killed the biggest buck out of all of us this year :cheeky-sm .... HuntinIN will by you tons of beer and beef tips if he thinks your cool :coolgleam ...Quail Dancer has a fetish with wild birds :evilsmile .... Dont know much about Tilesetter but he does like Dean so that pretty much explains things (remember above!)...This just in....Tile evidently is OK after all. He has a big ol heart that likes to make people happy. See Thread about him :corkysm55 ..... James Lyon shoots a junk bow and needs to get with the next generation before it passes him by :eek: .... Bocephus is a big man with multiple personalities that thinks he communicates with the woman he used to be in a past life. :yikes: :cwm27: Everyone else is pretty much normal. Hope you enjoy the site!
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  11. Swap!!!!

    Wow, you actually catch deer and turkeys on the "Big Lake". I thought I was talented (and, quite frankly, I AM!!! :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm :cheeky-sm ). That wasn't for you Nick. I've got a swap a hunt for you, I'll let you hunt deer and turkey, fish on my ponds on my 120 plus acres in Larwill (and I even have my understudy who would guide you......pssst, just pretend like he REALLY knows what he is doing there) if you take me on an all expenses paid buck hunt in Alberta. You can go to my propery all you want and take whoever you'd like. All you have to do is let my property keeper know when you are coming. The area is covered in big bucks. The keeper tells me he never sees them, but I know they are there. I'm usually done hunting early enough in the season that I skip some hunting there for college football games, etc. Let me know.....
  12. New and need help

    :bonk: Been beating my brains trying to find some regs and dates for the 2006 Turkey Spring Hunt. Hope some one here can get my soft head to a place where I can print them out. After all the pounding on top, I've got to print to remember anything at all.

    Read some threads before doing this first post, someone asked if they are gobbling in Greene Co. The answer is yes, but not big time yet. Think all the woods traffic and road scouting (if that is what it is) is putting the gobbling down a little, plus the weather and whatever else affects a turkey brain. Most the ones I've been scouting from a distance have been gobbling, "Here I'm at if you want a piece of me" off the roost, and the wannabes are are gobbling when they get a hen snuck for a bit. The observation on the open fields has been mostly protecting harems and and establishing who is dominant. Soon as we get some consistent weather (well, other than consistent rain) they should be talkin' more frequently.. Did see a beautiful 20lb.+ Longbeard the other morning with 7 hens he was guarding silently. Kind of made my day even though I got soaked from the rain.

    Would appreciate any help on the above query. Could not find a thing on the DNR site, other than last years stuff. Thanks!