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Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Indy Archer, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. I have been looking around the site and I like what I see. There are a handful of Indiana on line hunting communities available - this one impresses me the most.

    Back story here - grew up in Ft Wayne (went to Homestead, but didn't play football or have Coach C as a teacher), career has taken me all over the US, and moved back to Indy in July '04.

    Interests - bowhunting for whitetail, fishing for most any species, and working on my wingshooting. Biggest plan in the works is making hunting plans for my 8 week sabbatical that starts in mid-September. Trying to secure bowhunting land fairly close to home so that I can hunt both am and pm sessions (if not all day) for all of October.

    Looking forward to reading more from all of you.
  2. welcome to the site man!! it's a hoot

  3. Welcome to the site,, a lot of usefull information and plenty of opinions! A lot of my tile comes from the distributors around the fishers area Miles Dist., Dal-tile, Louisville tile and Arctitecual brick and tile....nice area!
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    Welcome to the site...good to have you...Go, Spartans.
  5. Welcome Archer, I know you will like the site. It's about that time FISHING TIME. Enjoy the site.
  6. Welcome - great to have you with us! :)
  7. Welcome to the forum, Indy.
  8. Welcome to the fold Indy Archer. I spend a lot of time in Fishers... my work takes me there often. Look me up, maybe we can hit the water once it warms up.

  9. As mayor of the Munchkin Villiage, in this town of the land called Oz, we welcome you most cheerfully.

    (at this time Dean, Hugger, James, oldrookie and Brew come in singing the "We are the lollypop kids" song)
  10. Welcome Indy!!!

    We represent the lollypop Guild, the lollypop Guild, the lollypop Guild....Weeeeeee Welcome you to Munchkin Land!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome Indy to the Greatest Spectacle on Earth...I mean Cyber Space!!! What year did you graduate from Homestead????
  11. 1985 HHS Graduate

    Getting older by the minute...
  12. :Welcome: :woohoo1:to the forumhappy posting:fish: