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New Member-Main Beam

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Main Beam, May 25, 2006.

  1. Hello. New member here......Main Beam is my name. I have been reading the whitetail hunting forums for several months now. This is a very good whitetail resource for Indiana whitetail, hopefully I can add to the resourcefullness. I see you guys are arranging a trail cam pic contest, sounds like a good time to join so I don't miss out on all the fun! I live, work and hunt in Kosciusko Co. I am a big fan of the OBR!! I prefer bowhunting but being selective, 125 minimun, has put me into the gun season the past few years. As many of you I am excited for Oct 1st to see what the OBR is going reward us with this year.

  2. Welcome to the site, Main Beam.
  3. Yep, with the OBR and many more bucks carrying over than ever before (plus the rain that we've gotten so far this Spring) look for many a fine buck to show up statewide this year. My prediction that a real eye opener showing up in Indiana still holds true. Actually, a few real monster showed up last year. I still think the state record shotgun Typical record of 193 and change is going to go down soon. The overall firearms N.T. of 254 and change isn't safe anymore either. The overall bow n.t. record is probably in jeopardy as well. Keep your fingers crossed. Perhaps you'll be the one to harvest such a buck.

    "Word" has it that a buster 220" Typical roams the hills and cornfields of Steuben County somewhere. "Rumors" of a certain individual killing this "Mystery Buck" involve, you guessed it, a shady character indeed!!!!!!!!!


    Oh yeah, welcome to the site MB.....
  4. Welcome to the site Main Beam, enjoy the visits
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    Welcome to the site....enjoy all the posts.
  6. Welcome Main'll love it here!! :coolgleam
  7. Welcome Main Beam, I sure you will like it here.
  8. Thanks for all the "welcomes":biggrin:
  9. You're welcome, and if you need to know who to avoid, just ask!!!!
    We'll be happy to fill you in.
    Honest, good group of guys here.