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New Member Seeking Info On Bass Lake Area

Discussion in 'Indiana Bass Fishing' started by paskeeter, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. I am from Pennsylvania and will be visiting the Bass Lake area in mid Sept. I would really appreciate any info I can get on bass fishing in the area. I may be considering moving to Indiana near Bass Lake.

    Thanks a ton,

  2. Which bass lake? The only one I know of is near Angola. It is 61 acres without a public access.

  3. Are you towing your own boat? If so right near by you have some very good bass fishing. You will be within 10 min of the Lake James chain, Silver lake, Golden chain, Crooked lake, Fox lake, and West Otter lake. You will also be within 30 min of Hamilton and Clear lakes. Alll of these lakes are excelent bass fishin waters.
    Do you have a map of the area?
  4. Thanks for the replies.
    The Bass Lake in mention is below Knox In. about 4-5 miles. The company I work for is building a new production plant in Knox.

    To answer your question : Yes, I do own a boat ( Skeeter ZX195 / Yamaha V Max 200 ) and I am not decided on if I will be towing it out there or not. I may use a weeks vacation to come out and get the lay of the land before I am sent out by the company so that I am not pressed for time. Knowing the company, once constuction starts I wont have much personal time to look around.

    If you guys have any links or possibly and publications in mind please let me know. I am trying to gather as much info as possible before I make the trip. I am also a fly angler and love steelhead and salmon! Although most of my steelheading is done in the Lake Erie tribs and they are small in comparison to the St. Joseph.

    I will keep my eye on the thread for any additional posts.

    Again thanks a lot, maybe if I move there we can hook up some day.

  5. forget every thing i said your know where near there. sorry
  6. That's beyond my range, but I believe there is Koontz Lake, Fish Lake, and the St. Joseph River there. I'd have to go map hunting to be sure.
  7. Once again thanks for the info. Sorry if my initial post wasnt informative enough. I am not at all familar with the area.

  8. bass lake

    Bass lake in knox is pretty descent for bass but better known for walleye,catfish,and bluegill. Hope that helps out a little.:fish:
  9. I live in South Bend 3 miles from the St Joe If its smallmouth you are looking for this is the place Salmon in the fall is the best around here Steelhead almost year around can be found Dont get me started on the amount of ducks in the fall We will be up all night
  10. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Sounds like you live in a dream world....and Nortre Dame too. I love smallmouth fishing...but they're tough to come by over here in the Northeast.
  11. I posted a pic of small mouth from last weekend in the bass section We caught around 30 last Sunday using softshells
  12. Thanks for the reply, Pigeonflier
    I'm guessing you fly carrier pigeons? I actually make clay pigeons ( sporting clays ) for a living.
    Smallies are cool. I live very near the Susquehanna River here in PA and it is one of if not the best smallmouth rivers in the world. I love both smallies and largemouths. Up until this year I fished a lot of tournaments, and largemouths dominate most of the bodies of water that I traveled to.

    I absolutely love steelhead fishing! I started about 4 years ago on the Lake Erie tribs. These waters are very small and packed with steel, so the St. Joe will have a different set of challenges.

    I dont hunt, I gave it up years ago because I didnt agree with the direction the PA Game Commision was going. But I do enjoy veiwing any type of wildlife, my wife is really into birds, including waterfowl.

    I cant wait to come to IN. and check out the area. I wont be making the trip until August/Sept. I here by then the salmon may be running.

    Thanks again. Everyone has been very kind.

  13. First week of Oct you can catch fish from about 8-25 lbs till your arm cant take it anymore Give or take a week or 2 depending on weather