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Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Hoyt_Rocks, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Hello fellow sportsman!! I have been reading threads on this forum for awhile now and thought I would join. I have been doing google searches for a forum like this since Oct and just now found this one. I also belong to the NAW forum under indiana. I live in New Palestine and mainly hunt in Southern, IN and Illinois. I am an avid bowhunter and muzzloader hunter. Anyone interested in doing some serious whitetail hunting I am looking for a couple of guys to join a lease either in Indiana or Illinois. I have been hunting in Pike Co. for about 8 yrs and have witnessed the decline of trophys over the years due to over hunting and crowded land. I have my eye on a new up and coming county in Illinois alot closer to Indy and am currently working on leases. Any serious bowhunters interested?:)
  2. Talk to brother and I both want to bow hunt Illinois. I live less than 10 minutes from the border, he lives about 15 minutes or less from the border. I've talked to you on the NAW forum in the past month or so.


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    Welcome to the site...
  4. Treehugger,

    Have you ever hunted in the land of lincoln before since you live so close?? Just curious because your awfully close to some good hunting. I have been doing some studies on trophy deer coming out of Illinois and two counties have Pike county beat when you look at it in terms of hunter success on deer over 130" I am currenly seeking leases and info in certain counties and will have something on the plate soon. What is your budget??

  5. I have never deer hunted in IL. Grew up right on the border and hunted rabbit, squirrel, pheasant, quail, and fished a ton over there. Still fish a lot at Mill Creek in Clarksville, IL, near Marshall. I know a lot of people from IN that hunt there...they tell me the bucks are a lot bigger there. I am located 18 miles due east of Paris, IL (Edgar County). It's about 5 miles to the border from my house. Budget!...we don't need no stinkin' budget!...ooops got carried away there and slipped into an old cowboy western for a second. I don't know, I have no idea what a lease runs over there to divide up amongst a few hunters. You can PM me to discuss in more detail if you want.

  6. Welcome in Hoyt_Rocks. Is Hoyt_Rocks like the name of a place... or that your name is Hoyt and you ROCK! Woo Hoooo. :)

    Look forward to seeing you around. Enjoy.

  7. I am just a huge fan of Hoyt bows and decided to do some free advertising for them. I just bought the new Trycon and it is the cream of the crop. Smoothest most forgiving bow with top end speed I have ever shot. Saddened to say I broke my hand two days after I bought it and cannot shoot right now. What a bummer:banghead3


  8. Welcome H_R. We've chatted over at NAW.
  9. Hoyt = Half-Of-Your-Trouble (IDIOTS)

    This is what all of the :dizzy: :coco: who only see Matthews tell me about my Hoyt. I'd put my X-Tec up against any bow anywhere. I mean come on, Hoyt Rocks gets the new Trykon, and... breaks his hand it is so powerful. I'd better start drinking my milk before I purchase one of those babies. Ha, ha, ha!!!!!
    How did you break your friggin hand brother??

    Treehugger, honestly, you could find some great public ground in Illinois and be blown away. I wouldn't be surprised if you might even have a chance on a buck like the pee wee you shot here this year on Pub. ground over there. Find one that is bow only and wa-lah!!!!
  10. Not one Purdue bash, after the Pee Wee comment??? HHMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!?!? Boiler Up, Tree!!!!
  11. I took the "pee wee" comment as a compliment man!!! I'd love to get on deer like that...and bigger...consistently with a bow. You and Hoyt Rocks have fanned the flame...I'm on point now. :cool:

    Purdue bashing?...I wouln't kick a man when he's down...oh yes I would :bash: . I prefer to wait though until the Big Ten season heats up...Purdue fans will have stiff necks after looking up from the bottom of the heap all season. :cheeky-sm
  12. I broke my hand doing some stupid side work using a freakin jack hammer. Let me tell ya it wasnt worth it. All I can do is look at that beautiful piece of work called the Trykon and cry. Oh how I want to shoot her so bad. Dean, seriously get rid of that ancient thing your shooting and by one!! You will not regret it. Hell if you want an upgrade you should buy my old bow.:biggrin: JK