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  1. Hi everone I am new member here. I am from northern Indiana. I love to Bass fish and spend a lot of time on the water chasing them. I enjoy the outdoors and love to go camping

  2. Welcome to the site...lots of Northerners here...don't let them southern boys scare ya haha

  3. Welcome - great to have you with us! :) Could you give us some info on your public profile.
  4. Welcome to the site, great to have you with us. Lots of good info here. We might even talk you into hunting.
  5. Another northerner.... We're way out numbered here Tree and Doug.:rolleyes: Welcome to the site Kickinbass. Do you fish any Bass tournaments up there?
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  6. welcome and enjoy, kickinbass.
  7. Welcome to the forum, kickinbass...lots of great guys on this site as well!
  8. Welcome to the site.
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    Welcome to the site....enjoy bass....think wacky worm.