New Outdoors Radio Show for Northwest Indiana

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  1. On Thursday June 14@ 8pm on WIMS 1420 AM there will be a new outdoors radio show starting. It is a Fishing,Hunting and Camping Talk show. The Hosts of the show are going to be Insteel and I. Wish us luck and tune in. The range of the show will reach from Chicago to Benton Harbor to East of Elkhart to south of Logansport. That is a link to the broadcast Range. It will be on Every Thursday at 8 pm and Saturday Morning at 5am.

    See you on the water.............
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    Hey give the site a mention if you can.

  3. I will sure try to work it in. the first one will be pretty funny cause it will be the first time either of us are on the radio in a talk show format but once we get going I am sure you guys will like it. The second show to air on June 21 at 8 pm and on June 23 at 5 am will have a guest speaker, Brian Breidert talking about VHS. This is a serious problem and we all need to know what to look for. So I hope you can tune in!
  4. BETA must have been real bad news then. Glad those DVD's are quickly stamping out the pesky VHS problem!:biggrin:
  5. Looking forward to listening Ryan.:coolgleam
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    Maybe someday you can stream it live on the net so we can all listen in.......;)
  7. Very cool. Is this a paying gig or just "for the love of the game"?
  8. At the start it is just going to be a for the love of the game show but as we get advertising just for the show we will start making a little money and I mean a very little. The shows will be recorded and put on the as a downloadable file so that people can listen to them. If you go to the site right now they have a photot of my brother introducing the show. I hope that some of you can tune in!
  9. The recording of the first show went really well. If you are not in range to get it you will be able to download the file on Mondays after the shows have aired at If you have any problem finding it just pm me.
  10. You can now download the file of the show at Go to the shows page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the outdoors page. In there you will see where it says "Listen & Download audio from our past shows". If you are having any problems feel free to pm me.
  11. It's not working very for me Ryan.

    If you ever need content I would love to get the words out about the Freedom Hunt.
  12. Nice first show, I need good entertainment to take with me when I mow and work out side. I'll look forward to the other podcasts. Thanks