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New Record Harvest Set in 2005-06 season.

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, May 10, 2006.

  1. 125,526 whitetails were legally harvested in Indiana last season, breaking the record of 123,086 harvested in 1996-97. The 2005-2006 antlered buck harvest of 52,488 is down 4% from the 54,743 harvested the year before. The '05-'06 Antlerless harvest of 73,038 is UP 7% from the total of 68,290 taken the previous season.

    Although the harvest went up around 2% from the previous year, LESS antlered bucks were harvested. The 2005-2006 antlered buck harvest represented 41.8 % of the entire harvest, compared to 44.5% the previous year.

    The antlerless harvest of 73,038 represents 58.2% of the entire take, with 44,286 (or roughly 60.6%) of those animals being adults. Of the antlerless take 17.8% were button bucks, with the remaining 21.5 % being females. In other words 82.2 % of all antlerless deer killed were females.

    Does (adult does and fawn does) made up 47.8% of the entire 2005-06 harvest figure.

    These numbers were taken from the IDNR's website which were finally posted last Friday...

    What these numbers do not reflect directly are the number of antlered bucks in the entire herd. This number has no doubt increased in the last several years, evidenced by the increase in mature bucks being harvested yearly in recent years. Remember, the IDNR recognizes a "mature" buck as one that is 2.5 years old and older. We all know that bucks don't reach full sexual maturity until the age of 4.5 years of age. And, not a minute sooner...
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