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New State Record Brown Trout

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by brad24, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Im hearing some pretty good reports that a new state record brownie was caught out of Pastrick Marina. Supposed to have weighed in at just over 29 pounds. Anyone else heard this. Im looking for a picture now.
  2. WOW!! if you can get ahold of a picture of the pig please post it.

  3. Wow, That thing would be huge... hope to see a pic.
  4. That is a big trout. Maybe one of these one will bite my hook. I would love to see a pict of that whale.
  5. I heard the girl that caught it traded it for a used pink Barbie Jeep and a $100 gift certificate to Bath and Body...don't know just what I heard.
  6. I believe this was also accomplished using a Ronco Pocket fisherman and a bobber in the shape of Snoopy.
  7. The girl in the picture is not the girl that caught the fish! It is the mom that is in the pic. I heard the mom already had her limit of trout that day...any truth to this?
  8. I heard that too James...did something look "fishy" about that picture to you? didn't look legitimate to me.
  9. Before we get too many rumors going, let me say that neither QuailDancer, treehugger, or I know anything about this alleged fish...just making light of the Morgan Co. deer stories on a trout thread...sorry to get your hopes up.
  10. The only place so far i have found that says they have a pic is at This guy says he was in the tackle store when the man brought the fish in and had it weighed and he took the pics. It's supposed to be in the "liars corner" section of the site but for some reason i cant see it on my computer. All i see is the front page. Might try it out becuase it appears others have been able to view it.
  11. OK, i managed to find the pic. I still cant get to the slideshow from the front page of that site, but i simply did a google search for picture gallery and was able to find it. It's a nice lookin fish.
  12. Spoil Sport:gaga: