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New State Record Buck

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by HickoryNut, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. I just added the photo to the gallery of the new record buck killed, but I found a picture of a deer that looks ALOT like it that was taken with a trail cam last season....what do you think....go look at the picture, I put the picture I found in the original picture. It may just be a look a like but geez, what similar characteristics.
  2. Hickory, Where did you find that pic.?

  3. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Looks like a match to me.
  4. Looks pretty close to me.
  5. Very close, Kicker on r/h g2's only clear difference I can see.

    ok guys, I wanted to show you the picture before I told you what was told to me. I got that picture from a guy that lives in Iowa, He said that the hunter that killed the big buck here in Indiana actually killed it in Iowa next to a guy named Jeff May's property. He said that this Jeff guy is mad because he has been hunting this buck for a couple years. There is a web site called Whitetaile Institute of North America. The picture this guy sent me in on that site. The site sells seed for food plots. If you go to the site look at the testomonial page for the western reigon. Then look up Jeff Mays name, there is the photo and his story from last season. I dont know if this is true but the guy I talked to said Jeff May was mad because a Hoosier hunter killed his deer this season. Its all news to me but I figured you guys would surely want to know this story.

    better yet, go to Google...type in monster buck....then click images, the picture of the buck is on the first page. When you click that photo it goes straight to the page you will be looking for.
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  7. very interesting...the pic on the website gives you a little better look at the rack. so now the story is this buck was killed in Iowa and transferred to Indiana and checked in as an Indiana deer? sounds like a stretch to me. :16suspect
  8. I don't know.

    They look simliar, but different too.

    The trail camera buck looks to be even better than the Morgantown buck. Tines look longer to me. Of course if that was last year he could have bulked up this year on mass.

    The droppy tips on the main beams is similar. You don't see that often

    I also would question why anyone would go to Iowa, kill a big buck and bring it back to Indiana to register it and record it. That doesn't make any sense to me at all. He would also be taking a big chance with the feds with the Lacey law.

    If May has the antler from last year it would be simple to DNA both antlers (his and the Morgatown buck) and that would be proof positive one way or the other.

    My money is on it's a different, but very similar, deer..
  9. More B.S.

    Fellas, SLOW down. I did recognize this buck (in the inset) as a buck that was advertised in one of the scouting camera advertisements. If my memory serves me correct, I do believe it is an Iowa buck. Did we not learn anything from the first go around of rumor central??? Take a good look at those two pictures. They are definately two different bucks. The reasoning is simple...

    1) Look at the Morgan buck's red head. The other buck is pure gray, even on the forehead. Notice that not only does this buck not have a red forehead, he also does not have any black on the top of his muzzle, like the Morgan Buck.

    2) The Iowa buck is so much taller; this picture was taken at least two years ago, and not nearly as massive.
    3) Look how dark the Indiana buck's rack is. THe Iowa buck has lighter colored antlers. I know this doesn't prove anything, but don't you think that if these were the same buck that they'd have rubbed the same trees, or types of trees, every year??? The Morgan Buck obviously rubbed pines, cedars, poplars, etc. that left a distinct stain on the rack. The Iowa buck apparently didn't have those same species where he lived.

    4) Take a good look at the Iowa buck and notice how its G-2s are taller than the G-3s, which are also taller than the G-4s. The Morgan buck's G-2s are shorter than the G-3s. Noticably, I might add.

    It's true that these two deer are VERY similar, but I think it is just a coincidence. I wouldn't jump to any conclusions. The people at Presnell Plantation had seen this buck before...IN INDIANA. Remember, rumors are just that...
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  10. Thanks Dean, Im just reporting what im hearing. The deer look pretty similar but also different....I wish I could have killed either one, lol
  11. Two Monsters

    Roger That, Hickory!!!:corkysm55
  12. does look pretty close though, those handle bar main beams are just so unique.
  13. close but no cigar?

    The people at the Plantation had told me that this buck was using thier food plots, feed, etc. I could never get from them whether they had actually seen the buck or had any pictures of it. The score and story (hopefully) should be out by the end of the week, anyhow. I had seen this pic before also, but had never made the connection like Hickory did. Those beams sure are similar. If it's him he put on a ton of mass in one year.
  14. Yeah and my cousin's brother's best friend shot that deer in Iowa next to Jeff Mays place. Come on guys don't we have anything better to do. I have a picture of a buck that was found dead in Wisconsin along Lake Superior that has turned down beams just like those two deer. So what. This is why we almost never got to see the Shawn Harvey deer (Number 5 in the state and #2 all time with muzzleloader, palmated 10 point.) He was so tired of the phone calls at all hours of the night and the acusations that at times he wished someone else would have shot that deer. Shawn was 20 or 21 at the time. Can you imagine the stress and head aches that it would have taken to make an active 20 year oldto wish such a thing. If I were the one to shoot that buck and read all this stuff, I'd make you all wait 1 year minimum before I'd let Bogucki score it. And he is the one I would let score it, only he has the tenacity it would take to beat down the rumor hounds.
  15. John Bogucki is a great scorer, I have talked to him many times. That Harvey buck you are talking about is pretty awsome. Palmated bucks dont usually grow typical. My friend that has the #10 B&C buck for Indiana typicals was palmated also, I posted his picture with the deer after it was mounted in the photo gallery.