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New State Record Perch

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I'm wondering if this is true, but i did see a report of a new state record perch being caught on Clear Lake. It is un-confirmed. Anyone know anything about it ??
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State Record Perch

Iit was 2lbs. and 13oz. and it came out of a pond. I'm thinking this does beat the old state record by a few ounces, i hav'ent really looked.
Yep, that is pending as a new state record !!!
geez sam every site i visit you are there. there are a lot of guys out there wondering about this fish. :grouphug:
State record Perch.

Hey Rico,

Hope your doing good !!
From what i've heard in the last day or two is that this fish most likely will not be accepted as a state record. Seems like the guy that took it is a breeder and raise's fish to sell to taxidermist. Guess they mount and sell them to, well i really don't know, but if i had one mounted i'd sure want to catch it rather than just go out and buy one.
I did send an e-mail to DNR and asked them about this. As soon as i get a reply back from them i'll let everyone know.
Take care Rico, and catch abunch of fish !! ;) Won't be long and the crappie bite well be on. Can't wait until those mushrooms start popping up !!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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