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New Tag Rumor for 2006

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by HickoryNut, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. I talked to two DNR oficers todat at Atterbury Fish and Wildlife area in Johnson county. They told me that possibly starting this year, the deer tag you buy will be higher in price but you can use it all season. You buy one tag and its good for a buck or a doe. If you kill a buck first, thats it, just one buck. But if you kill a doe you can buy a new tag. This would make the first tag you buy universal, buck or doe. They said that if you buy a tag for early archery, you can use it all year for a buck or a doe if you havent got anything . This would make it a little cheaper onthe hunter. Maybe it will come true, maybe not. Im just glad I have a lifetime license and dont have to worry about it.
  2. Not tooting my horn, please don't take this that way.

    i wrote a letter to the DNR after my first year of hunting, 3 seasons ago. I suggested this exact tag. Actually I called it a "trophy tag", where someone would only have to buy one tag for a buck and it would be good all for all the season. I suggested it be sold at a slightly higher price. But this would still save a person just trophy hunting money as they would not have to buy a seperate tag for the 3 different seasons.

    maybe it got filed in "file 13" (trash can)

    I agree with that, even though I too have a lifetime

  3. It could be a reality.
  4. That would be cool. Kinda like they do in Michigan. I also wish we would go to the sticky-back plastic tag that has to be notched with the sex, points and date so you can't reuse tags (for those poachers out there).

  5. Hickory I hope the word that you received is correct. This would save me a little money as throughout the year.