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  1. Hello,

    I have posted topics on other threads but felt I should introduce myself properly here on this one.

    I am currently living in Pennsylvania, but am considering moving to the Starke County region of Indiana.

    As a very avid angler, much of my decision on moving will be determined by the fishing opportunities the area has to offer.

    Bass, both largemouth and smallmouth are my prefered species. Followed very closely by steelhead. The great thing about steelhead is that they fill the winter bass void, and thats how I got hooked on them.

    I do own a boat. 2000 Skeeter ZX195 / Yamaha V Max 200. And until recently was a dedicated tournament angler. I also enjoy fly fishing, which is my prefered method for chasing steelhead. Because of this I am also in to fly tying, mostly steelhead patterns.

    I hope to meet some fellow fishing fanatics there in IN. and look forward to exploring the many fisheries the area has to offer.



    I hope this works on this web site. If so, here are some of my photo blogs.

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  2. Winter void??? Thats what ice fishing is for!:) Its really the summer void:biggrin:

    Welcome the Indiana Sportsman

  3. Very nice pics. you guys got some nice fish out there in PA. Your a good fly tyer also. I really like your glue eggs. will you tell me how to make those and is it really glue?
    It is great to have you with us on the site. But Goggleye is right tho when the bass fishin is done it is time to walk on the water and drill holes.
    I dont fish over that far in the state but over here in the northeast corner of the state we have some excelent fishing, it would only be like an hour away 2 at the most from there.
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    Welcome to'll be amazed at the number of lakes we have in the north part of the state.

    My dad is from Winber, PA (a few miles from Johnstown)...beautiful area...always wanted to go back and do some bird hunting but never had the time.
  5. Thanks all for the kind words. I never tried fishing through the ice, never had the stones to try it. Yes we do have some nice fish here in PA, problem is I have to drive an hour or more from my house to do any decent fishing, longer for good fishing. Many of our lakes are small and fishing pressure is VERY intense. As for the glue egg flies. Yes it is glue, you can buy the glue sticks in different colors. All you need is a glue gun, some sticks and a rotary vise, although hemostats or small needle nose vise grips will work. It takes some practice but they are fairly simple.

  6. i got a vise and a glue gun i might have to give that a try.
    On this side of the state (NE) we have some decent sized lakes but between the fishing and the high speed boating the fishing can be hard at times. If you come over and give it a try i think you will like Indiana.