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New to Indiana

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by bowhnter, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Greetings all,

    I will be moving to Indiana in about a month. I should arrive there on August 1st to start my job. I am transferring from Monroe, MI with the same company.

    I have been trying to do my homework on places to hunt. I have been through the Indiana DNR website searching for public land locations. I was hoping that maybe someone out here will be able to guide me in the right direction. I notice they do give listings but no maps. I am trying to get the spot locations so I can start plotting some areas on the map. I would like to spend some time scouting the area before the season starts.

    I have been hunting for 5 years now in MI. I enjoy bow hunting and muzzleloader. I spend as much time as I can in the woods in search of deer, turkey and (wetlands) waterfowl.

    Any help would be appreciated. Can’t wait to spend and share some time with you all out in God’s Country.
  2. Greetings, what part of Indiana will you be moving to?

  3. Welcome to Indiana. I'm not sure that we can call this God's Country, or not, but like Trent said, where are you transferring to?
  4. Looks like I will be in North Central - Bristol.
  5. Ah yes,, god's river runs through Bristol :bowdown: All hail the St Joe.. Welcome aboard bowhunter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Bristol huh? ya that is gods country up there
    welcome aboard
  7. Welcome! Not a bad area to relocate to! You'll like this site.
  8. Welcome.....

    Bristol.....Hell I thought that was in Tenn.!!!!! welcome anyway.:) all the DEER are up North....Hell your in a fine are!!!! Just find a Foodplot and the Deer should not be far away.....:hide: .....
  9. Welcome to the site. Alot of great guys and information to be found here. Nice to have another bow hunter join us.
  10. Thanks all,

    Very kind.. Any idea on where to pull some maps of state (public) land that I can hunt? Not really one for a knock on the door may I hunt your property type of person. I don't mind putting in the work scouting and going back deep in the woods.

    Again thanks for the welcome!
  11. Welcome to the best thing going in the mid-west. While everyone wants to go hunt Ohio and Illinois, I say let them. You are moving to deer hunting paradise, IMO. Big bucks and liberal doe permits. Does it get much better? Good fishing, turkeys, waterfowl, small game ... Indiana Rocks!:coolgleam


    There are some guys in the Bristol area that will surely point you in a couple directions to get started.
  12. There are NO deer in Bristol...NONE! ;)

    PM sent....and welcome, by the way!
  13. Welcome to the #1 site
  14. Welcome to Indiana and to the #1 site!