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    Post a quick hello and tell us how you found us and what your Indiana outdoor interests are.
  2. Hope all goes well steve .thx for invite, it will be the members of this site that will make it a success. Hope everyone contributes and shares their hunting and fishing knowledge and experiences. :bouncy: :bouncy:

  4. Hello from S.E Michigan, Very excited about the launch of this site, hoping to gain and share as much knowledge as possible about hunting and fishing in the great state of Indiana. Nice job Steve best wish's for success
  5. hello all, I live in st. marys (s.w. ohio but I call it n.w.) grew up fishing a few ponds and reservoirs in geneva, bern, and some places that I have forgotten. Mainly fish for catfish now but occasionally I like to bass fish just to keep the blood pumpin and the skills honed. Used to hunt but for some reason after desert storm the thrill of it was gone. Wife and kids wouldn't eat any wild game anyway.

    any how, not sure how much info. I can put into Indiana but I can surely put in some input and hopefully get alot out of you guys and wonder over to your state and learn something. :biggrin:

  6. Hello everyone! I live in Elkhart, IN and love to hunt and fish. Always looking for fishing and hunting buddies. I do most of my fishing and hunting in Michigan, due to the fact that I am not familiar with the fishing and hunting in this area. Too little land and waters around here to do much of either. If anyone knows some good fishing around here I would be game to hook up and try it out though. Always looking for hot spots.

    Bring on the ice already!!!! :bonk: I have been beating myself in the head waiting for the cold temps. I did some fishing a week ago, but then the weather took a turn for the worse. Now I'm sitting in boredom waiting.

    and this is me praying to the ice gods :bonk: :bonk: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :banghead3 !!!!
    And my wife sick of me talking about ice fishing :bash: someone:help:!!!
  7. hello! I live in SE MI and found this site through Steve..I do get to Indiana from time to time so I hope to share some info with you fine folks from time to time,likewise if any of you are headed to Michigan give me a shout and I will do my best to get you any info I can!!!
    Nice to see there will be another top flight sporting site on the web!!!,,there dose seem to be something missing? hmm
    like maybe a boat and boat rigging forum? "but I'm just saying"
  8. Hello folks,

    My name is Greg Agee. I live in Huber Heights, Ohio. I hunt with English Pointers and am a semi-pro football coach. I travel to Indiana a lot to train dogs down in shoals indiana and my team travels to Indiana quite a few times for games in Anderson, Elkhart, Indianapolis, Evansville, Morgan County, Shelby County and so forth. I am very happy to see you all get a website that can help each and every one of you get information on governing rules and regulations in your state and also hot tips on fishing and hunting.

    Have fun

    Greg Agee
  9. Hello All.:)

    Thanks for steering me here Steve.
  10. Triple X,
    When this site really gets going, and I'm sure it will there will be plenty of opportunities to meet new buds. I've found that very true over in Some of the greatest guys I've ever known, and I've known a few in my 60 yrs. I met through MS. In the 3+ yrs I've been in there I've shared enough great, interesting, and yes, at times spine tingling experiences with those guys. Man, the stories we could tell........;) :bouncy: :tongue: :chillin: :cwm27:
  11. ...hope this site generates as much traffic as the MIsportsman in Chicago, I've mildly explored fishing in Indiana...unfortunately haven't found much in the way of flyfishing/trout streams(and I don't mean steelhead at salt or trail) but who knows, maybe this site will provide some surprises:)...I look forward to sharing and exchanging information....I'll be checking in.

  12. Hoosier transplanted to Michigan

    Thanks for turning me on to this new forum, Steve. I see Mr. Whitmore is here, so I look forward to his input.

    I grew up in Monroe County, Indiana by Ellettsville. Lived in Lafayette long enough to get a degree, then spent time in Kokomo, Evansville and Terre Haute before moving to Michigan, south of Lansing, in 1986. I go back to Indiana for turkey season to experience a real woodland-type hunt each April now for 5 years.
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    Dangler glad you took the time to register. Tell any Indiana friends that you have about the site.
  14. Hey everyone :grouphug: I'm from central ohio and fish mostly for walleyes, saugeyes, and a perch or crappie now again. These forms are a super place to learn (and brag).
  15. Hello Everybody,

    I'm from N.E. Michigan a member and occasional poster of I joined up to see what Indiana has to offer in the hunting and fishing sports and also to check out some outdoor shows and gun shows in Indiana.