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New World Record

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by DocB, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Rumor has it that a kid in Morgantown shot a 220 incher last weekend. I believe that qualifies as the new record. Has anyone else heard about this yet? I have heard it from three different people, one being my taxidermist. There also may be some controversy surrounding this deer.
  2. i heard about this deer. i also heard that they was keeping it quiet holding out for $$$$$$ from a big story and sponsers. you know a buck like that would keep you from ever working a 40 hr a week job again.

  3. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Here's a picture of the possible record holder.

  4. It scores 2" bigger than the Rompola buck shot in 1998. That is one cool looking buck. I hope the best for the hunter and I hope the powers that be don't treat him like they treated Mitch.

  5. mitch rompola is da man
  6. Isnt there always? I have read that this deer was checked in 2 days after being killed and the guy in the pic is who checked the deer in. He says his son shot the deer and didnt have time to check it in. The sons license supposedly was bought after firearms season had started and the deer was reportedly shot less then 24 hours after the license was bought. The guy in the pic was said to have taken a buck in early archery this year. Cant wait to see how this ends up.
  7. Look at all the big bucks showing up all over the state! OBR is working
  8. I once had a chance to shoot a buck like this in Southern Indiana two years ago, but I had already taken a buck in early archery season. Party hunting is illegal in Indiana. It would be a shame to lose the rack to IDNR, be fined $500, and make other responsible Indiana hunters look bad. Otherwise, you could pull it off and have someone elses name and picture associatted with your buck in all the write ups and record books. What a drag either way. Best not to squeeze that trigger and just feel lucky you got to see a world class whitetail buck (most people never get to, especially in Indiana).
  9. now thats pressure:banghead3
  10. I'm kind of wondering about this possible record. I do live in Martinsville and i would think a story like this would be worthy of mention in the local newspaper.

    Yet the local newspaper has not even mentioned it. That in itself makes me wonder if this buck was actually taken in Indiana. And why drive all the way to Greenwood to check it in from Morgantown ?
    I did e-mail the Sportsman's Shop in Greenwood about this with no response.
    I suppose it could be, but kind of makes me wonder if it was taken legally and if it indeed was taken in Indiana !
  11. It was definitely killed in Indiana, there is enough evidence of that. The person that harvested the buck is not talking to anyone. It looks like a lot of damage control is going on. The guy is probably just trying to keep his rack from being confiscated by IDNR right now. The Outdoorsman surely wants to forget about the whole thing and not be associated with it. Who knows where the rack is....
  12. FireLt72

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    I went to the Outdoorsman on Wed. I talked to one of the employees and here is what he would tell me about the deer in question.

    1. The deer was taken in Indiana and was taken near Morgantown 1.5 north of ( I had heard Martinsville too, but the employee said Morgantown.).
    2. The deer field dressed at 225LBS.
    3. It measured 221 green by two of there local/regular Taxidermists (when I questioned him about their qualifications he stated they were very knowlegdable and trustworthy).
    4. He would not give any info on the rummors, just that there are a lot of envious people out there.
    5.It was taken with a shotgun.

    So as of right now that was the info I was given from the Outdoorsman. The employee also said that there have been 8-10 200+ greenmeasured deer this season, numbers are down, but quality is up.

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  13. That's pretty much the standard info they are giving everybody. I believe the deer was killed specifically in the SR252+Conservation Club Rd. area. You would think that the guy would try to keep that info secret (of course he may not have been the one to let that info out). Still damage control time, of course that started when he pulled the trigger.
  14. Im just trying to figure out two very basic questions here. Number one would be why in the world is "The Outdoorsman" telling anyone anything about this deer in question if it really is supposed to be the big secret that the guy killed it is wanting it to be???? Not only are they willing to comment on just about everything about the deer,(except if it was legal or not) but they are also handing out pictures to everyone and their brother and telling people they have no problem if they post the pics all over the net. Doesnt make any sense to me.

    The second question would be how could the person who supposedly shot this deer not find the time to check it in? The deer was checked in 48 hours later by the way. It would seem to me that just about anyone who shot a deer this size would take a day off work, skip class, do whatever they had to do to get this deer checked in. If the rumors are true about this deer, just simply having the kid check the deer in would have lessened some of the controversy for this guy.
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