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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Man I don't think any of the footage would turn out good for me. I would be shaking too much.
  2. That was a great video..... and a great deer!
  3. he needed another year, not quite mature yet
  4. Great deer. I wish I had more video of my hunts. Maybe next year I can take care of business early and do some good video the rest of the season. Oh yeah... was that second shot really necessary?
  5. Yes it was necessary. Did you see the buck kicking his legs after the first shot?
  6. Nice deer.. Horrible video. Maybe im wrong but you dont show a deer flopping around after you make a bad shot on it. Let me ask you something would you want the last thing you saw before you died to be a dude with an elmer fudd hat on walking up to you and sticking a barrel in your face. Then being shot only to sit there and flop some more until you finally gave in. While elmer stood behind you hootin and hollerin and fist pumpin. Show a little respect. Maybe this guys respect was shown by making the video or maybe there are alterior motives behind it like selling more hunts to people. I dont know but none the less that was a beautiful buck you cant deny that.
  7. Looked like he was going for the hollywood spine/ clavicle shot and didn't get it right. Should have just double lunged him and let him run a little and die.
  8. that was one h3ll of a deer...
    I dont know what he was shooting at or with...but you're right huntinIN, just make a clean double lung shot and be done with it...
    and save the celebrating for after the animal has died...what a clown...
  9. nice deer ,,,,,, chitty shot!!!
  10. You cant tell where the shot is on a video, but just because it dropped on the spot does not mean he hit it in the spine. A lot of deer drop right after the shot from being hit in the shoulder, which is right in front of the lungs. Although I think the second shot was necessary, I do not theink it had to videotaped. Awesome buck though!