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Nice Indiana Deer....

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Anyone see or know what county this Deer was shot in...supose to be 16 pt 221" shot late season with a Bow... in Indiana [​IMG]
  2. Never saw him before.... But he's a beauty!!!

  3. I don't recall the hunter's name, nor the county; but I recognize this buck as one shot with a bow during the 2005 season. If my memory is serving me correctly, it scored between 195" and 210" Non-Typical somewhere. I'll try to get back with you, after some more research. It's a great buck for sure!!
  4. oh, thats mine from 2005...hahahahahahhaha
  5. What did it score Trevis?:gaga:

  6. Don't was over 200 though, cuz i know i put it on my "deer over 200''" wall.

    He was the third such +200'' deer I have had the pleasure of taking...what can i say, some guys just have it...

  7. Did someone say crabs??? Mmmmmmmm....Crab Legs!!!!!!!!!:help:
  8. Robster craw?????
  9. Yes, that deer was killed in late archery of 2005. It went 202 and 6/8 net. It was also on display at the Deer and Turkey Expo. The taxidermist who had the deer is a frequent poster over on another site. He did not say where the deer was killed though.
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