Nice Mount...

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  1. [SIZE=+3]WASCO Award Winner
    2007 New England Association of Taxidermists
    [SIZE=+2]Whitetail Deer[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+3]Joe Szabo[/SIZE][SIZE=+2], Burlington, NJ[/SIZE]
    The WASCO Most Artistic Entry Award is presented to the most artistic piece in a taxidermy competition. The winner is chosen collectively by all of the judges from the entire competition for their innovation, skill, artistic talent and high quality. WASCO Award winners receive a polished acrylic award and a gift certificate from WASCO (Wildlife Artist Supply Company).
  2. Interesting mount for sure.

    The artwork is nice, but it kind of takes away from the deer ... unless a true Native American shot the deer in the traditions of his forefathers, IMO. Just seems kind of cheap to me accenting very fine traditions of a specific culture to a mount such as this if there are no ties to those traditions. But again, if there is a strong tie, then I say ... very cool.

  3. "The artwork is nice, but it kind of takes away from the deer ..."

    I'll ditto that.
  4. All that...

    looks cheesier than velveeta sandwich to me...
  5. Agreed. The artwork is beautiful, but a little over the top for me.

    A taxidermist buddy of mine did a pedestal mount where the back plate was actually a piece of laser engraved oak. It was the picture of the hunter with the deer in the field. A great momento of the hunt, and was so subtle it didn't detract from the deer. I'm not much of a pedestal fan anyway, but if I ever went that route, I would do somehthing like that.
  6. That's a pretty neat idea, but I'm not sure I'd want my face on the rump of a deer for all eternity. Just seems wrong somehow.
  7. It's the deer shoulders Quail....not the rump! ;)

    My wife always calls me a horse's a whitetail's would be a compliment! :evil:
  8. It must look neater in person. As with all "collections"... especially native american and dolphins... some pieces look very cheap. This looks like someone went thru the K-mart home interior section and went nuts. However... it won and award, so it evidently looks better in person.
  9. Perfect neck lines. Ears look great! All the crap leftover...............well its just crap!