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Nice shot Dick!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by ChapstickCharlie, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. We can't let this go. Someone say something about the Vice president putting a load of birdshot into a lawyer friend out on the Texas ranch last Saturday. I think it was Saturday, although it wasn't reported til Sunday? Questions that spring to mind;

    Did they wait to report it because they wanted to get their intel straight for a change?

    How many hunters here have ever actually shot someone in their lifetime?

    How does this rate on the Gerald Ford I am really clumsy scale?

    Is this too political? I don't want to overstep bounds on this board.
  2. The TV talking heads are eatin' this up tonight. They've already previewed Letterman and Leno, etc., etc. They are trying to make it a big political thing and saying there was an attempted coverup.....whatever. More fodder for the anit-gun left.

  3. It appears the Friend walked into the VP's line of fire. The guy was a lawyer I'd bet Dick will be coughing up some serious pain & injury..

    I've never shot anyone, but was in the woods when my friend shot our other buddie when squirrel hunting. we were 14, and our dads were with us, my dad pick up my friend and ran him nearly 3 miles out of the woods to the truck then to the hospital.

    Okay the details, We had set up along a ridge each father and son pair were about a quarter mile east of the other, when pair # 1 heard some chatter in the cover and tried to "sneak up" on the barking squirrels, unfortunately pair # 2 were also listinging to the barking and the son drew a bead on a grey fox as he ran down the tree when it was about 5 feet off the ground he pulled the trigger, the rest is history.
  4. Does anyone know if Cheney hit the quail?

  5. Which???

    do you mean the bird or Dan??
  6. Cheney was also hunting without a $7.00 bird stamp and was cited for it. He said he didnt know he needed one.:bonk:
  7. i bet we couldn't get away with that right dnr
  8. Big Dick!!!

    If the person who was hit was Hillary RODHAM Clinton...noone would care one bit!!!!
  9. Good shot Dick!!!

    Did you guys hear that the poor old bird that Dick Cheney shot had a heart attack??? It seems that a shot made its way into his chest somehow!!! I'm not joking either!!!
  10. Yeah that seems to conflict with the initial story of the guy just being slightly "peppered". For a pellet to find its way into his heart he had to have been hit pretty good. They said there were around 100 pellets in his body, mostly his chest, face and neck. Cheney didnt even talk to a law enforcement officer until 12 hours after the incident.
  11. Ya Gotta wonder how many times Clinton "shot" Monica and nobody said a thing.
  12. see a trend here
  13. Another outdoor website on political thoughts has mentioned atleast 40 times the comparison between Dick Cheney's shooting and Ted Kennedy's tragedy. Is there an official time limitation on comparisons, or can we go back til we just find something that fits our point of view?
  14. gives new meaning for the switzer sweet