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Nice start to the day

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by QuailDancer, May 26, 2006.

  1. Since my good buddy 410 ditched me to go walleye fishing on Lake Erie today...

    I stopped by the Tippecanoe on my way to work (was just a few minutes late getting in...still fist one in the building, so nobody's the wiser). I caught two nice little smallies to start the day. Don't you just love showing up for work with a little fishy smell on your fingertips....smells like...victory!
  2. Good job quail...maybe you should run down there during lunch too and see if you can add to your daily total. I can't believe 410 did that to you man...what a buddy!

  3. End of day, not so bad either...

    After work today, went to the lake I've been catching walleyes on...worked the water to a froth with everything I could think of and got a skunk for a prize...

    I was smart enough to head back to the river, where I just caught fish after fish!!! Mixed bag of smallies, white bass and rockbass (huge rockbass). Not a bad way to end the day really...something about rivers, fish just don't seem to get into a funk due to weather conditions like they do in the lakes.