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Night off for fishing!

Discussion in 'Indiana Pan Fishing' started by JL, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Took the night off from deer hunting to go fishing. Got four nice crappies right off the bat, and I got two bass. One of the bass was just under five pounds. Didn't take my camera out in the boat though. :banghead3 Here are a couple of the crappies:

  2. No Beer????

    No Beer in the Pic.:16suspect Man your sliping...:biggrin:

  3. Nice crappies there. Should taste good.I see a 6pack in the pic. Look closer Brew.:bonk:
  4. Ah, yes...the Hacker Pschorr. Pretty good beer!
  5. I see the 6 pack or more in your EYES:cool: :cool: :cool: Nice job on the 5 lb bass;) ;) ;)
  6. Good job James !!!! Now go back to the woods :evilsmile & leave them :fish: for me :biggrin: .
  7. nice fish james, this should be a good week for hunting and fishing

  8. ....and no smile on his face. Hmmmmm, something is amiss here gentleman.
  9. At it again.

    James, you just keep making the rest of us look bad.:cheeky-sm
  10. Speak for yourself Birdbrains......:cheeky-sm
  11. .....and with that shall we begin planning for the 2nd annual fishing tournament for the spring of 2007?....since we never had the 1st annual tournament! :bash: I highly recommend we don't schedule it until after the 2nd annual golf scramble...since we didn't have the 1st annual scramble either! :bash: :cwm27: :cwm27: :cwm27:
  12. Whoever took that picture sure made those fish look good! I thought you were sick that day? :confused:
  13. I was.
  14. I was...:lol: