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Nightmare Hunt

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. I'll tell you what...I had a dream last night, no a nightmare, that I was on an archery hunt. There were all kinds of big game animals on the wonder...I discovered while on the hunt it was a high fence about disgusted...I was just sick about it and packed it in and left. When I woke up I thought how in the world could anybody in their right mind that calls themselves a hunter, hunt in an area where the animals are trapped??? I know how I felt and it was just a nightmare...can't imagine how anyone could feel good about killing an animal that was planted there for them to shoot.
  2. They do it for the same reason that some men choose to visit a house of ill repute....... because it's a sure thing. I would say that in both cases the individuals that choose that route have about the same level of moral & ethical character.

  3. hey tree !! you didn't see jimmy drawing down on ya did ya lol?
  4. Jimmy :yikes: ...what a loser!!! :bash:
  5. Just wait until you start dreaming that this is where the "Boss" came from, right after Jimmy pushed him to you on a drive drive!!:hide:
  6. Are you sure you weren't reliving your hunt from last November, Randall?

    "The Boss"-All tied up with no place to go.:hide:
  7. Houston........We have a problem!!!!!!!
  8. You guys are heartless...I can't believe 1) You would say that about "The Boss" and 2) Think that I would do that. I wonder what Freud would have to say about that must be something from my past speaking out to maybe because at one time I was seriously considering going on a wild boar hunt in Tennessee and I found out it was fenced, although several thousand acres, so I didn't go. Or maybe I was having flash backs from reading too many posts about too many things on here and the hunting Gods were speaking to me in my sleep. Or maybe I just shouldn't have eaten that 1/4 lb'r with cheese, large fries, and supersized Diet Coke right before bed. Eating like that before bed and my wife worries about me getting hurt in the woods while hunting by myself...I think McDonalds is more dangerous than deer hunting!!! :coco:
  9. Tree you could of dreamed that the animals all had guns and bows too and the gate was lock.
  10. Yes, but think how good that 1/4 pounder was Randall......
  11. The problem is you can't get the photo back.:evilsmile