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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by HickoryNut, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Anyone here ever have a reoccuring hunting nightmare??? I always have dreams during deer season about missing deer. One dream that I have had numerous times is where I see a drop tine buck and when trying to shoulder my gun, the stock gets tangled in my coat and the buck runs off. I have had that dream about 10-12 times. :banghead3
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  2. anyone else???????????????????????????????????????????????/

  3. Mine would be walking into a stand on a dark early morning, and getting gored by a buck. Had that one several times.
  4. Bow hunting

    Mine is getting out to my tree stand and forgeting my release!Wait that has really happend:banghead3
  5. Tilesetter, you have no ides how many times I have done that.

    Mine has been.... wait I haven't had a bad dream about hunting, but I am living one by not being able to hunt.

  6. Hear ya there, I've forgot my string release twice. Once showed up with only two Left gloves in by backpack (must have been dark in the bedroom that morning).

    The worst, got to a river in Oregon, drove over two hours to get there that morning, Salmon were EVERYWHERE, strung the flyrod, shuffled into my waders, reached for my vest...NO VEST, no flies. That day's caused deep emotional scars.
  7. Ive drove 2 hours to the deep woods before and got out of my truck about 20 minutes before day break and realized I forgot my shells for my deer gun....thats the very worst, its possible to shoot your bow with no release, but a deer would have to get awful close to kill him with an unloaded firearm, lol