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ICE-Fishing Outing Cancelled until Next Season

:sad: The latest report of good ice is about 5 hours north of here at Houghton Lake, MI.

I must say that While I would have loved to have had our ICE Fishing Outing Next Weekend, it appears that Mother nature (and Rightly so) has answered the prayers of the people N.I.P.S.C.O., and the Other Gas companies are gouging, by providing us with a Mild winter as she always does she will reward us hard water anglers with a bountiful season in the future for our patience.

I would still like to do a meet and greet if anyone is interested, it would be fun to get together over a cup of coffee and get acquainted. We just won't have to lug our ice gear along...

If you're interested, reply back, we'll pick a time and place that is suitable and do it.

Thanks & Tight Lines!

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