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No more deer for that dog.

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by bambicide, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Crack...Crack...Crack...wait a minute...Crack. that's what it sounds like when the dog that just ate the rear end and front shoulder... ruined the cape...of the biggest buck you've killed with a bow meets it's maker.
    One of our huntin' buddies shot a nice buck Sat p.m. My bro and a couple of other guys looked with him for about 30 min and found some blood but not a real defined trail so they put off the search till Sunday morning.
    They hear crows in the area when they start looking again. Not only crows but the same dog that took a chunk out of one of bro's does this year. After dragging out the deer, everyone went back to hunting except our buddy. He got his pistol and sat over the bait/gut pile. A couple of hours later, in the distance my bro could hear the shots and just laughed...sweet revenge...three quick shots and then the finisher.
    We know the dogs on the farms we hunt and this wasn't tags...just a mongrel. First one we've put down in 20 years of hunting in the area.

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ive never had that happen but I hate it when the dog gets out and follows your scent or just plain walks through the woods!