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Noble co. here

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hello all...just found this site today...was actually told about it by goggleyes this morning and love it already. All of my free time is devoted to hunting and watching my little brother play sports. I am the type of guy who has a successful hunt every time out just by being in the woods. Sure i love bringing home a nice deer, limit of geese, or a nice sack of morels but as long as im able to be in the woods and sharing my experiences with my brother or hunting parnter im happy. I cant really choose what my favorite animal to hunt because i hunt every one of them so hard and put so much time in to doing so i love them all. I will say its hard to beat coming to full draw on a deer or hearing "Take em" on a duck hunt however.
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Welcome Noblebowhunter, great posts already!

to other forum members don't trust what he says about me!:yikes: He's a former student - If I remember right he was in my Wildlife science class a while back at East Noble.:)
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