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Noble County - 9 inchers!

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Caught these this am on a small lake North of Kendallville. 20 to 22 feet of water. Had to move around a lot. Nicest bluegills I've caught this season. Also a decent perch and a legal bass!:)
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Nice Catch!
We went to Palastine, and got 1 gill, & 1 perch...
But we're going back out this evening to try again!

Tight lines!:fish:
Nice mess Goggleye, did you get em on your bug jig?
I used to live in Twelve Mile, Indiana between Logansport and Rochester. We used to go up and fish Palestine quite often. Used to catch some nice bluegills there. Good Luck! Caught about 30 more in a different lake this evening.
No I didn't use the bug jigs, I used a size 12 Rocker jig, chartreuse and yellow with dots, with a fluorocarbon leader and stren glow yellow high vis line. The bug jigs are too light to fish that deep. The rocker jig is heavy for its size and I use that to prospect around in deep water, and see if anything shows up on the vexilar. I used it and caught fish and never had to switch to anything else.:bonk:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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