Non-Typical Downed

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Main Beam, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. A non-typical I saw (ok....missed) last year during firearms season was killed on one of the farms I hunt. The buck has a defective right rear leg. He had a bad limp last year. The guy that shot the buck said he didn't limp on it this year. I wanted to harvest this buck this year but the guy that got him put his share of time in the stand too and was deserving. The rack has 22 scoreable points. Most of the points are around the bases.
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  2. Thats a very interesting rack. ;)......i really like that palmated g2.
  3. If you can hang a ring on it: Score it!
    Nice rack.
  4. I like racks with character. Definitely a cool one.
  5. Very unique rack....I like it! Has a lot of character..Actually...the tale of hanging a ring on it being a scoreable point is not true, it has to measure at very minimum 15/16 to round up to an inch to be declared an actual point. Some of these points are tricky!!
  6. If the ring is 1" thick you can score it:)
  7. Nice rack, gotta a lot of character
  8. On a couple of hunting shows ive watched they sometimes show bucks with broken or messed up back legs. The bucks also have a messed up rack on the opposite side of the messed up leg. Since you said that the buck had a messed up back right leg I would say that thats the reason the left antler is non-typical. Nice buck though.