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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by indiana boy, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Can anyone tell me what causes bucks and bulls to be non-typical. I tried to research it but found nothing. So I figured why not see what everyone says.

  2. I can only speak for whitetails here. Most non-typical features in bucks is due to age and extra nutrition with time. In other words typical bucks quite frequently become non-typical (or gain more non-typical characteristics over time with age and extra nutrition going to the rack) as they age. Some non-typical bucks are that way genetically as well. In reality, non-typical bucks are more "normal" than say, a giant, clean typical. The true freaks of the whitetail world are actually the huge, clean (no non-typical tines whatsoever) typicals. These bucks are the rarest of any world class whitetails.

    In recent years non-typical bucks that are close to Boone and Crockett status, or have surpassed Boone and Crockett status (those 195" and higher) have dominated the yearly "trophy" listings. Have more non-typical genetics emerged? No. In reality we're seeing more non-typical bucks because more and more bucks are reaching those prime age classes between 4.5-7.5 years old now than ever before. Like I said above, the more "typical" bucks age, the more non-typical characteristics emerge as the nutrition a buck consumes during the antler growing season manifests itself in the antler growth department. Their skeletal and overall physiological growth are complete, so the extra grub goes to the antler department.

    INterestingly, some deer biologists have predicted that the world record non-typical buck will be bested several times before the world record typical will be beat due to this phenomenon. I only hope that I will be the one to break these records.....:coco:

    Hope this helps!!
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  4. injuries can cause a rack to be non typical also.
  5. Dean as much as I like to make fun of you I have to admit that sometimes you say something not entirely ridiculous. Good info deano
  6. And, of course, by this Rand you mean that I am world class?:mad:
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