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North country mushroom hunt.

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by goggleye57, May 16, 2005.

  1. Hunted over the weekend at near Wolverine. Found some black morels, some verpas and some white morels. We all had a good time hanging out at the cabin and hunting fungi. The white morels were just starting to come up. They should be good next weekend. Goin' Back!
    Here are the guys splitting up some of the find- That's my Wolverine address in the background-
    Here is the award winner of finding the world's smallest mushroom:bowdown:
  2. way to go nice find. good pictures. i think i picked my patch dry. i'll go check it tomorrow.way to once again

  3. Yep the mushrooms are gettin close to being done- I'm going back north to extend my season another week. The ones I ate tonight sure were good!:corkysm55 :corkysm55 :)
  4. they are done down here...maybe i will have to head north?:bowdown: or maybe just go fishing...
  5. Man it is great to have options!:) Mushrooms or fishing - tough choice:cwm27:
  6. Just got back from Wolverine. Not many mushrooms:16suspect Apparently it was cool up there this week - looked about the same as last weekend. It was raining hard when we left. If it warms up with that rain Memorial Day weekend might be it, but not sure if I can go. Maybe we will :evilsmile At least the arabs will be happy if I burn all that gas!