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  1. This is for anyone in Northern (Northeast) Indiana who lives near Ft. Wayne. Scott Werstler and myself will be having a scoring session at the Ft. Wayne Gander Mountain sometime after Christmas for anyone who would like to have their bucks scored. I am a scorer for the Hoosier Record Buck Program (HRBP), and Scott is certified in HRBP and also Boone and Crockett, Pope and Young, and Longhunter's (muzzleloaders) as well.
    There is NO sign up sheet at Gander yet, but will be sometime after the Holidays. We are planning on figuring out a good date so that many folks' 60 Day drying periods will have expired. For anyone in the area who has scored this year, count on the calender 60 days past your kill date and offer up some feedback on when a good date might be. I just wanted to bump everyone who might be interested...kind of a heads up.

    In the next few weeks The Great One and I will hammer out a date. It will probably be on a Saturday, or Sunday...most likely in January sometime.

    Scotty Don't!!!!!
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  2. Dean, will you be scoring this years deers or any years? My hunting partner shot a deer in archery last year that green scored just over 150, but he has never had it officially scored. I would like to see him get it scored and in the books.

  3. While the purpose of the session will be to score 2006 bucks mainly, we won't turn down racks from the past. It is helpful to us if you can provide documentation that the buck was indeed shot in a certain year, etc. I.E. pictures, metal tags, etc. If you don't have a metal tag, or a picture of the hunter and buck then don't worry about it...but it's helpful. Tell your friend he's more than welcome to bring his past rack in.
  4. Hey you left me and Jim out Dean, tell them we go and hold the deer for you guys.
  5. I'll bring one in Dean that was taken in Jennings county last year If the taxidermist gets it to me like he promised. Before xmas. Also who do you know that can score a moose?
  6. I can measure a moose for B&C, P&Y, or Longhunters.
  7. I may just have to swing by simply to meet you guys, assuming I don't drop the hammer on a big one in the next couple weekends.
  8. Wonderboy beat me to it Terry.......
  9. Hey Dean, I could be there to help you out...crowd control, that kind of thing.

  10. You could best help me out by being nowhere near Gander Mountain during this time frame.........
  11. Just kiddin' Keith. You're more than welcome to come join the fun. Perhaps Scott and I could use your services. You could help stave off the groupy attacks on us. Scott's married, but I'm single. I could have you write down phone numbers, etc. You never know when ski bunnies and the like will make crazy appearances........:cheeky-sm
  12. It's good to have hope.

  13. Maybe our hair will grow back too?
  14. It seems as though The Great One and myself are looking very seriously at the last Sat. in January. Scott checked with his agent and thinks he could slide this date into his frantic Big Shot schedule. He's going to have to reroute his flight out of Vegas and Hollywood to get to Ft. Wayne in time to score some deer. Please, let's keep it on the down low...don't want his groupies to overtake us in the lodge.