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Northeast "Walking on Water"

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Anyone have any ice/water reports to share on the Northeast corner around Fremont? Would like to try once more this weekend, but have no idea if this week's "mess" will refreeze with the next few days' low temps or not AND "I don't tread water well! Any info would be appreciated.
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I'd like to know too! I have had to work all week.
I get out of school at 11:00 (woo hoo) today and I think I will try the Cain basin on Sylvan Lake. Good access at Gene Stratton Porter. Its one of those places for some reason the ice stays good longer than most other place. The public access at Adams Lake is like that too. Well anyway someplace where other folks are already fishing (especially hefty ones!) and testing the ice for me. There are two kinds of icefishermen. Those who are first on the ice and those who don't like to swim in cold water;)
I fished Blue and Crooked Lakes yesterday and we had between 4" and 8" everywhere I checked. Watch the edges the ice there is soft but 5' from the banks the ice is fine.
Thanks for the report - with a little caution we ought to be able to find a place to fish this weekend:coolgleam
Ice Solid

Contacted Tri-State Bait & Tackle on Old 27 just south of where 120 crosses over I-69 west of Fremont & they reported ice wasn't really lost & now everything has frozen over on top. Also reported that some guys came in last night (didn't get a location where) with a mess of gills & crappie and 3 large northerns. Sounds like it could be an interesting weekend! By the way, if you've never been to Tri-State, you need to stop by. They have a great spread of equipment and good bait.
Tri state is a nice shop. Lots of ice fishing gear and even more nice soft water fishing gear.
Fished on Appleman tonight. 5-6 inches of good hard ice. I was going to go elsewhere but I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up it was too late to drive down to Sylvan. Caught about 20 decent gills and 5 or 6 real nice crappies. Going back in the Morning, anyone else want to go?;)
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