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Northern Indiana Bow Ranges

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by sandking77, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. I just bought a new bow today and really want to test it on some challenging targets. I live in Elkhart, IN. Who knows the best archery ranges in Northern IN??
  2. Sandking 77,

    I've never shot there, but I've heard good things about the Izaac Walton course in South's up on 933 right by the state line. Do you know where Michiana archery is? I think it's just across the street and down the road a bit.

    Where abouts in Elkhart do you live? You ever go up to "Someplace to Shoot" outside of Zimmyville in's probably about 15 minutes northeast of Simonton Lake off US12, and it has an indoor and outdoor range (seasonal). They also have the video range...if you've never done that, it's an absolute BLAST!

    It can get expensive by yourself, so I always take a's always more fun that way to with a little competition.

    Let me know if you need someone to shoot with...I'm always looking for someone to sling arrows with. Unless of course you're better than me (which isn't hard!) :evil:

    Shoot me an email at Let me know.


  3. Shot In the Dark in flint indiana has a nice video range.
  4. Hey Ice Dude, Can you give me some more info. on the Shot in the Dark video shooting. I want to try it out. I met the owner this fall; he brought his dogs down and tried to help me find a buck that I had only grazed. Any info. would be great.Have you been fishing yet??:fish:
  5. Bow Ranges

    Shane Silver, owner of Hunter's Den, in LaOtto, Indiana, just purchesed a 3-D video range from a fellow in Pennsylvania who was going out of business. It should be up and runnig soon. For information call Shane at (260) 357-6100
  6. sorry i just saw this post again. the only info i got for ya about it is that it is on flint road just north of the church, you cant miss it.

    Did you hunt the field across the road from my house? on the end of 700, you came up with your boys and a boxer the one day.
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  7. A big thumbs up for the Hunters Den from me. Good little shop they have there!
  8. Ice Dude, Were you asking me the question about the kids and the boxer? If so, it wasn't me because I don't have any kids yet...or a boxer!!:tongue:
  9. Dean

    If you go North on 69 to US 20 West. It is the Angola exit. Turn left. Youll go past the airport and there will be a sign a ways past it on the left side of the road. Youll turn right to get there. Then just follow that road till you see it on the left. I have been there a bunch of times. Its a pretty neat place. It is a ton of fun but like the others said make sure you take someone with you its more fun that way. Have a good time.