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Northern Lights?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by tilesetter, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Just went outside and saw what I think are the northern lights? Can anybody else see them?It's been years since I have seen them,pretty cool!
  2. My wife just walked in the door talking about seeing a flash in the sky. Maybe same thing.

  3. sure is...lots of green...gorgeous...
  4. Saw these posts and had to gather the wife and kids to take a drive. We saw the lights, which was a first for the girls. There were also many shooting stars tonight. We parked along the side of a road out by Goose Lake and had two guys in trucks pull up to ask if we were having trouble. We all enjoyed the star gazing, and it's good to know there are still folks in the world willing to offer a lending hand...I'm sure they thought we were just a tad nuts.
  5. I was at dad's house last night and seen something I thought might have been the northern lights at about 8 pm. I was about 3 miles south of Goose Lake. Dad lives 1 mile west of Mike's Sport Shop, Quail. We have a good set of scales, so when you tag the big one you are welcome to stop in and weigh it. It isn't uncommon among neighbors and family who know the scales are there to stop in a weigh their deer.
  6. I had meetings last night at my church. When I walked out at about 9:00, I saw a meteor shower. Pretty cool. Didn't see Northern Lights though. I did get to see them last spring up in northern Saskatchewan while bear hunting. What an impressive display.:cool:
  7. Momma and I were out sitting in the hot tub last night and were able to enjoy the shooting stars last night! I love sitting out there at night on 1) A clear night and watch the stars, or 2) Sit out when it is snowing...the kind of snow that just falls straight down!:chillin:
  8. I had no idea that was going on last night :mad: Thats a real bummer I missed the show. lilkrou, if you look out and see somebody you dont recognize in your hottub dont worry its just me haha. Obviously I've had better ideas than sneaking into a strangers hottub when I know the stranger can shoot haha :evil: