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Northern Michigan Overnight!

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My lovely wife and I left early Thursday morning and went up to Cadillac to the pilgrim village resort. I fished Lake Cadillac In the afternoon, caught a few small perch. Fished Lake Mitchell in the Late afternoon/evening and caught some small crappies. Drove down to Pentwater lake today and I fished for perch. Weren't biting, said they bit this morning and yesterday:( Weather was very nice, sunny today - got home about 5:00. Had a nice time -saw a lot of pretty scenery:) got away!
Lake Mitchell

this must be heaven- fishing with a burger king across the street!

Pine river

Manistee Lake - No ice fishing today - Chinooks in September

Manistee Lighthouse

Fishing on Pentwater Lake-

Then we drove home through the National forest looking for Black Ash trees- thats where the black morels will be popping in about a month;)
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Nice Pics!
I love it up there... Too bad you didn't have a fly rod handy there's Steelhead in the Pine...
We were just in Manistee a couple weeks ago...

Cadillac, is hot mushrooming, after our mushrooms are starting to thin down....
Saw em fishing for steelhead in the Pere Marquette, Pentwater, and the White Rivers! I have to go shopping - I came home and discovered someone stole my salmon noodle rod and two 7 foot ugly sticks all with shimano reels out of my garage:banghead3
Goggleye you are living the dream my man. Lighthouses, fishing, morel hunting. By any chance ae you two heading back by Pilgrim Village for morels this spring? If so, let me know if you find one of those 'local' state land maps, I'll pay royally for one. Charlie
We usually stay at our cabin near Wolverine. As far as morels- we look for Black Ash trees. The early black morels and the later white morels (kind of like our yellow sponge but a little different) associate with the black ash, especially the white morels. Get a good state atlas that shows the state land. They have them by the county cheap at district dnr offices. Also get a good compass. The areas close to the road get hit pretty hard, got to walk a little farther:) The ash trees will be darkest and among the last to leaf out. It takes a while to get so you can id them on the spot. In fact the mushrooms will usually be gone by the time they leaf out. Found this image on google.
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discovered someone stole my salmon noodle rod and two 7 foot ugly sticks all with shimano reels out of my garage

Man that's just not right!

As for the Morel's we have a prime spot a little west and north of Pilgrim Villiage on state land we like to tromp around in. Usuually do pretty good there. Also I would suggest a good GPS (and a pocket compass) the GPS allows you to mark the mushroom patch as a waypoint. I use mine as a "starting point" from year to year, and gennerally in or around that waypoint we find the shrooms.
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