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nosey mother

Discussion in 'Comedy' started by Poundsy, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Brian invited his mother over for dinner one evening. During the course of the meal Brians mother could'nt help noticing how pretty Brians roomate Jennifer was. Brians mother had asked before if thier was any romance between the two and he had always replied no. During the course of the evening his mother watched them interact carefully and finally could not take it anymore. When she asked them if something was going on the both replied no and she said o.k.
    About a week later Jennifer asked Brian if he had seen the soup laddle. Brian said he had not seen it and he would send his mother an e-mail and see if she took it by accident. The e-mail read:
    Dear mom,
    I am not saying that you "did" or "did not" take the soup laddle but ever since you were here last week it has been missing.
    Love Brian
    His mother replied:
    Dear son,
    I am not saying that you "are" or "are not" sleeping with Jennifer but if she was sleeping in her own bed she would have found the soup laddle by now.
  2. A buddy's mom did something like that... can't remember the exact story. Just goes to show... you can't outwit your mother. Funny stuff.