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NOT a rifle thread...Shottys..what do you like

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by anon782010, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Just curious what shotgun everyone prefers for various things, gauge and brand.

    Personally, I use a Savage Arms Modle 94H .410 for rabbits...Love that gun

    Mossberg 500 for deer. Heard alot of people say they don't like em, but mine shoots well.

    Whats everyone else like/use?
  2. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I curently use a h&r 12 gauge, but the dang thing is just to heavy...I am going to look into a 12 gauge barrel for my "pro hunter" i think it will be my next budy! Oh yeah..topped it off with a leupold!

    On a side note, i use a 20 gauge double barrel side by side made by Boitc(i think). If anyone knows anything about this gun i would really like some info. Its a great gun for dove and quail, feels very solid in the hand, very little recoil!
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  3. i saw the word rifle and was almost afraid to click on it ,some of those posts are pretty heated.....i use an 1187 ,rifled barrel ,love it
  4. I use a remington 1100, fully rifled barrel with a pro diamond scope
  5. My dream has been to get one of those .410's that look like a fancy lever action cowboy gun!!
  6. I use a 410 for rabbits a 22 for squirrel, muzzleloader for deer.
  7. I've got two Browning BPSs... one with a bird barrel and one w/ a slug barrel.
  8. I hunt rabbits with my Browning Sweet 16, 22 for squirrels and Knight M/l for deer if I stuck out with the bow.
  9. Deer i use H&R Ultra slug gun 12ga. Got all kinds of guns for everything else just depends on what mood im in. Geese i have 1187 supermag and 870 supermag (12's) and a BPS 10. Ducks basically just the 1187 or Benelli SBE. Rabbits i have a 870 express 20 or NEF .410. Pheasants i use either the Benelli or Winchester Model 50 12ga. I also have 2 ML's... bolt action .410, 12 ga. 870 express (both barrels) and a couple .22's
  10. I have 3 shotguns.
    10 guage marlin supergoose for turkey.
    16 guage Ithaca featherweight I was given for my 16 birthday, which I used for rabbits, quail and pheasant back when I had someplace to hunt them.
    And the stevens 410 bolt action that my father hunted with most of his life.
    At some point I would like to start busting(or trying to) some clays with the Ithaca.
    Always looked like a blast(so to speak), but never tried it.
  11. For Small Game: I use either my CZ M-452 in .22 LR or my Stoger Model "Uplander" S/S in .410 3" shell.

    For Deer: I use my T/C .50 Black Diamond or My Browning Gold 20 gauge Deer Gun, here in Indiana. In Kentucky, I use my Ruger M-77 MKII in .270 or My Browning A-Bolt in .308.
  12. 20 ga. 1100 for rabbits, M/L for deer, and unless I find a Turkey barrel for my Encore, a bow for Turkey.
  13. remington sportsman '48 improved cylinder. used it for rabbits, quail, and deer(until i bought an omega). now it mainly comes out just for clays.
  14. remington 870 for birds and bunnies. 14 inch scoped t/c contender in .35 rem. for deer and varments. remington bolt action scoped .22 mag. for tree rats.
  15. David has got something going on up that way.
    Small game is the same exact combo. Same exact guns. I have the coach barrels on my .410 SxS. Love that gun.. I got it when i turned 21 from my family. Love it. I just recently got the CZ bolt action .22LR for a christmas gift its a tack driver from what i have seen it do already. Its gonna get a work out come next fall.

    For deer I mainly only hunt with my Remington ML700 muzzleloader, but on those days i decide a slug gun is what i want to tote.. Its a remington 870 20 gauge. I havent used it in 2 years but it has killed its share of deer. Those are my guns for hunting.

    For clays i have a 20 gauge stoeger over under that is a dream to shoot and points excellently.