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Not Done Yet!

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I'm not quittin yet! Leaving tomorrow morning for Cadillac. Booked at the Pilgrim's Village. Fish for gills and crappies on Lake Mitchell and perch on Cadillac Lake. Lady at the resort says they have 2 foot of ice!:tongue: :fish: :fish2: :fish: :fish2: :fish: :fish2: :fish:
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just keep throwing more salt in my good luck to ya...
Will you make up your mind! "57", 57 times you've given it up and said out with the boat & then you wander off to do some more "hard" water fishing! Just kidding, hope you slay 'em! I don't think you'll find an ice problem. Have been checking w/friends on the east side, Saginaw Bay, and they're still running out 3-5 mi. on 17-20". Around here, guys are supposedly using planks to get out in the NE corner lakes, but I'm done. March was a surprise bonus. Do be careful!
PS Take it easy on us with any super catching reports!
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