Not in Indiana anymore Toto!!!!!

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  1. Howdy to all my amigos. I'm here in Kansas and the Rut isn't going at all here right now. It seems this area is a little behind schedule, and the warm temps. aren't helping the cause. I saw a good 9 pointer yesterday A.M. at 9:45, but he didn't offer a shot. Almost!!!!

    The big boys aren't moving here until after dark now. It's going to be tough unless the weather breaks and it doesn't sound like it will. Hope everyone's hunting is going well in Indiana. Peace out!!!!!
  2. Good luck out there, Deano...shoot 'em straight!

  3. Good luck Dean! If things get too tough stop in and see the great and powerful OZ!!!
  4. High of 78 on Wednesday...........:16suspect !!!! Didn't bring my sunscreen, and/or beach gear. It seems like Texas out here, or something.
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    Kansas....that means pheasant and quail....give up on the deer; go bird hunting.
  6. Good luck out there D-dubya!:biggrin:
  7. Good luck out there DW.. Bring home a NICE 1!!!!;) ;) ;)
  8. Does the weather play that big of a factor inside the fence? Sorry :evilsmile made me do it.
    Is it true that out of state hunting is just for those who can't be satisfied with one buck here in Indiana? Sorry :evilsmile made me do that one too.
    Have fun out there Dean, and bag a big one. Maybe get a deer too...darn :evilsmile again.

    Seriously, enjoy your trip, and I wish you well. Antler worshiping heathen.....whoops :evilsmile darn that little guy.
  9. Not to worry Quail, I read out there the fence hunting is climate controled. He'll be ok. :evilsmile Wow, there he is again!
  10. Kansas?????

    You're taking your hunting WAY to seriously!!! :evilsmile

    (Good luck Bro!!!)
  11. Bow Kill...

    :yikes: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Hay D.W. they shooting all the Big Ones Here....211 NT From the Southeast part of the State!!!!:yikes: :yikes: :yikes: P.S. not my Deer!!!!! got it off the web...
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  12. WOW brewster thats one hell of a buck.:yikes:
  13. What a monster of a buck!!!:bowdown: WOW WOW WOW that's all I can say!!!
  14. Good luck out there Dean, hope the weather breaks for ya.

  15. Keep The Faith Deano Hunt Hard , The Big Ones Are There, Its Gonna Happen For You !!!!!