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Not Indiana, but check this out

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Aaronhome27, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. Yep.. that is a whopper and half..

    The story wasnt kept quiet.

    A picture was flashed all over the net only it did not show the hunters face.

    He was going through a divorce at the time and didn't want to lose half of any money the buck would bring in. After the divorce was over he came forth.

    That is the non-typical world record for crossbows.

  2. Bryant Giant

    That is Jerry Bryant's buck from Nov. 2001. He was actually hunting for turkeys with his cross bow in the fall. He didn't get a turkey, but he got this buck instead. Not a bad runner-up. It's net score of 304 3/8 makes it not only the crossbow world record, but the Illinois overall state record; AND the No. 2 highest scoring "hunter taken" Non-Typical all time. Here are #s 1-5...

    #1) The Missouri Monarch, scoring 333 7/8, was found dead outside of St. Louis back in Nov. 1981. It apparently died of natural causes. It is the world record non-typical, even though it was found.

    #2) The 328 2/8 Hole in the Horn Buck was found dead in Portage County, Ohio, near the Ravennah Arsenal way back in 1940. When the buck was dying, from apparently being hit by a train, he crashed into a fence and the fencing actually popped a hole in one of the drop tines. Drop tines are very porous, etc. like a sponge.

    #3) The "Iowa Walking World Record" was shot near Albia, Iowa back in Sept. 2003 seasons by Tony Lovstuen. This buck was shot during Iowa's early youth muzzleloader season that year. At 307 3/8 this buck is indeed the highest scoring Non-Typical ever taken by a hunter. It's obviously Iowa's record N.T. as well, in addition to being the blackpowder world's record.

    #4) See the Bryant Giant above.

    #5) Eric Beatty's world's record Pope and Young Non Typical was taken in Greene County, Ohio back in Nov. 2001. It's net score of 294 0/8 makes it the top N.T. ever by bow.