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Not long now...

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by LoveHunting, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. man...just about a month and a half away from the finding of those tastey little shrooms. What's the earliest any of you guys have every found morels? I've found them as early as the last week of march...but that was a few years ago.
  2. 'Shrooms galore!!!!

    I'm in NE Indiana, and my Birthday is April 18. The earliest I've ever found some small grays was on April 17th one year. Up here we don't start really getting into them until the first of May. Of course this can very somewhat, depending on conditions, but generally the first two to three weeks of May are best here.

  3. My mothers birthday is April 15th, and that would be the earliest I've ever found them. Got you by a couple days Deano! Hey I'll get back with you about Eagle's Nest........
  4. i guess i should've said where i found them...brookville.
  5. Oh, so now I'm like some old woman, huh???? I'll never share my hotspots with you Crooked...NEVER!!!!!!:cwm27:
  6. Could I get some GPS coordinates for Brookville Hunting??? Oh....just in case I want to go walleye fishing down know!!!
  7. haha...very funny dean...i'll tell you they were in the woods...or were they?
  8. Come on Deano...... My mom is not that bad. I really just want the hotspots. I used hunt 'em behind the old rest stop on 69 just south of Auburn.
  9. I'd be pretty concerned about what I might come across behind the rest stop on the interstate. :16suspect
  10. Now you're just teasing me! Can I have that $50 if you're not going to eat it?
  11. Don't you just love those late season yellows!?
  12. No Shrooms near Auburn.....

    You stay away from that rest area Mister....Not that there is any shrooms there or anything like that................:cheeky-sm
  13. Money and Mushrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man, Bubba, I want to go with you. He's not only finding delectable Yellows, but $50 bills too. They always said that money doesn't grow on trees...And, they were right....It pops up out of the ground!!!!:rolleyes: